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Coronavirus Made Me Cough From 9pm To 6am Non-Stop – Azadus



Popular singer, Olalekan Fadeyi a.k.a Azadus has opened up on how he battled the deadly coronavirus and survived.

He simply revealed that the isolation centre he was rushed to were very good to him and they played a huge role in his smooth recovery.

According to him, he couldn’t stop coughing, and at some point, he could cough from 9pm to 6am non-stop before he eventually went for a test.

He added that those saying payment for a test is very expensive in Nigeria are very wrong because the Lagos State government did not collect a dime from him.

His words, “In the isolation centre, they give us drugs in the morning and another set of drugs at night. The hospital took care of our breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll expect some negative reports about the COVID-19 treatments because you can’t imagine receiving good treatment in Nigeria but God has blessed us with the governor of Lagos State who is helping with the fight. It’s unbelievable that people think that I’m exaggerating about the good treatment I received. Some people don’t even believe that any good can come out of this country.”

“I was initially treating malaria for about two weeks. Afterwards my doctor advised me to go for a test since the drugs he had placed me on were not making me better. I therefore called the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and went for the (COVID-19) test. The doctors told me that the results would be ready after 72 hours but I told them I couldn’t wait for that long. Physically, they saw me exhibiting all the (COVID-19) symptoms. So, I was admitted. I was coughing profusely, I coughed non-stop for like 10 minutes. I had a high temperature, body pains, diarrheal, and other symptoms associated with malaria. In fact, before I went for the test I could cough from 9pm to 6am non-stop. COVID-19 is very deadly and people with underlining health conditions are likely to pack up (die) easily.”

“I was not scared for a second, but I was emotional at some point. I was emotional because my wife was scared and started crying because of my persistent cough. I couldn’t bear it so I started crying when I saw her in that state. That was the only time that I got emotional. I knew God was going to get me out of it. She also knew that, but she’s human after all.”

“When I was at the centre, I noticed that the nurses and doctors who attended to me were always in a hurry to leave once they asked me questions and got answers. But when I stopped one nurse and asked her why she was in a hurry, she said she was not comfortable in her protective suit because the suit was very hot.”

“Now, if you say you need to quickly get back to work and make money, you may put yourself at a risk. Until there’s an antidote, we need to still stay and keep safe.”


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