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Corp member accused of homosexual act with student tells his side of the story


We reported this story, from� Punch some days ago . 26 years old Sulaimon Abari and 27 years old O’tega Daniel, had been arraigned� in� an Ibadan Chief Magistrates’ Court sitting at Iyaganku for allegedly engaging in homosexual practices with a pupil . They were eventually acquitted and the reason the media gave was that the victim’s parents had forgiven the accused, so they were released.

But Sulaimon took to Facebook, after his release, to tell his own side of the story, to recount his horrible experience after being innocently accused, how he stayed for 12 days without food, how someone who was supposed to be his friend sold him out to the media and then he wrote a tearful thank you note to all the people who still stood by him when he was almost giving up.

Please read Sulaimon’s heartbreaking note. (Thank you very much to our dear reader who directed me to this)
MY VINDICATION AT LAST. I couldn’t hold back tears when the judge ( a great woman of
impecable wisdom) said: “ur case has been striked out due to lack of evidence against you. And an apology letter should be sent to ur family for all dat was labelled against u and how she had advised me not to take what the media had tried to do to my image seriously, that it is a passing phase and one of those lessons in life”.
Infact my heart almost jumped out of my chest. I remember how I almost gave up during my trial… I remember how my mom and my younger brother had kept the flames of hope burning and kept telling me all was well… I remember how uncle jamiu abari kept calling my mom and wanted to come to ibadan too… I remember the amazing role my extended family played…
I remember how I didn’t eat for 12days (not even a drop of water) and how my mum kept appealing to me to eat… I remember how some of my students had come to court to testify that I had not committed any act of sodomy with them…
I remember how I cried… I remember the first, second and third asthma attacks… I remember how I allowed lice stay in my hair… I remember the humiliation, the insult and the curses…
I remember the torture at the state CID… I remember my lawyer’s words of encouragement… I remember how the person who was suppose to be my friend had sent my photos to the press… I remember all the negative comments by the people I called my friends…
I remember the inmate who was convicted of murder whom despite his agonies had prayed for me…
I remember Tope Ogunkunle who visited me in prison against all odds and how she cried… I remember how Mrs Ogunkunle (Tope’s mom) had called to pray for me and assured me all was well… I remember how my younger brother Al-aleem visited me everyday and had to spend two thousand each day he came…
I remember the prison warder whom I told my story and how he cried… I remember on the day of my passing out parade I was in prison… I remember I wore one cloth for 18days… I remember the looks on my mom’s face after my vindication, it was a mixture of joy and pity… I remember how my lawyer had suggested we sue the complainant and how my mom had said NO!!! That it wasn’t worth it…
I remember how I looked back at the prison after my release… I remember how my assumed best female friend had antagonized me behind me… I remember how I couldn’t read the news in the paper… I remember I wrote a short story (A tale of a wasted life) and never knew I would be a victim of my own story…
I sincerely don’t know why tears is running down my face as I write this… To all who stood my me, prayed for me and sent good will messages all I can say is THANK YOU and GOD BLESS.
To my mum (a woman with the body of a queen and the heart of a brave lion) I can’t find the right words to thank you.
To Alhaji Sadiku (I won’t forget how u wore one cloth for ten days all because of me),
To my younger brother Al-aleem, all the time we went to court u would hold my hands and assure me all was well – thanks a billion times.
To uncle Jamiu Abari u are indeed a force to reckon with,
Uncle Ibrahim, mr Aroyehun, mr Hassan, Alhaja Balogun may God bless you,
Omolade and Olalekan I won’t stop thanking God for having u both in my life,
to Tope Ogunkunle and Mrs Ogunkunle against all odds, u stood ur ground, prayed for me and infact Tope visited me in prison. thanx for the luv u showed. I will forever be grateful to u,
to my extended family “The Abari’s” and to those who were at least sensible enough to call my family to find out what the real story was, I would say but a big thank you to all of you,
and to those who upon hearing the news and had to pass judgement (even without proper probe) I would say ” when a story is told it is important we find out the truth about such a story before passing judgement or assigning blames in other not to run into what I like to call the dangers of a single story and misrepresentation. A great lesson learnt.

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