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Cossy Orjiakor Reveals The Truth About Alleged Club Fight With Uche Ogbodo (PHOTOS)


I think for you to understand this story, I have to start from the story reporters published earlier in the week.

Okay, so apparently Nollywood actresses Uche Ogbodo and Cossy Orjiakor went to Trace Lounge, Lagos over the weekend last week and while they were there got into an ugly incident…allegedly.

The report said that Uche Ogbodo accompanied Cossy Orjiakor to Trace Lounge where Cossy was scheduled to be hosted thanks to the club’s Public Relations person known simply as Ken.

As the story goes, Uche who wasn’t invited was welcomed as the special guest of Cossy, and offered a seat. The club PR then served Cossy a bottle of Moet Brut amongst other drinks which she happily accepted. Everything was going as planned as Cossy was full of life doing her usual thing, which everyone enjoyed. Shortly afterwards Uche was noticed to be unsettled, poking Cossy and signaling that they should leave the club and that was where the problem started.

According to reports, Ken approached Cossy to find out what Uche’s problem was, and Cossy told him that it was because there were no more drinks on their table. Ken then talked to Uche, asked her if she would want a drink and she said yes. He asked her of the drink she wanted and she said Moet Rose. Ken told her that was not possible as Moet Rose was an expensive drink which he didn’t have the power will out (by the way, she wasn’t the person they were hosting).

He then got her a bottle of Moet Brut and she rejected it, she said he either get her a Moet Rose or he should forget about it. As The Bug’s Informant quoted, Ken said “please as a fan of your movies please take the MoΓ«t Brut from me as my love for your work”. Uche simply replied that he should get out.

Angry Ken lost his mind and told Uche to get out of the club. And then a marathon of words between them ensued. Uche told Ken that he will never be famous in his lifetime and he replied that if not for fans she would be a broke b*tch. Furious Uche didn’t digest that, she reportedly said, f*ck Ken and f*ck the fans.

At that point Cossy intervened and tried to calm them down. Ken who was already boiling told Cossy that if she knew she was a famous celebrity, why didn’t she buy the Moet Rose herself? He added that “does a beggar have a choice?” When it became obvious that the hatchet wasn’t going to be buried that night, Cossy had to leave with Uche and friends since they came in her car.

Now, this is the story that the reporters published. What Cossy is saying now is quite different.

The actress took to Twitter to say:

“A club …Trace lounged been on my case for a long time dt they wanna host me. οΏ½Went there with friends and I requested a BT of Rosie..”

“I requested for drink when I didn’t get it. I left οΏ½with my friends. Don’t know how they twisted the story abt d champagne…”

“@ucheogbodo am sorry. My ref. to d girls wahala is abt d delays & all. I love u. Forgive me if I ve hurt u knowingly or unknowingly.”

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