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Couple caught having s’ex next to ATM; people applaud and take photos


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Randy couple who got caught up in the spur of the moment and had s’ex right next to an Automated Teller Machine. They attracted the attention of passers-by who stopped and took selfies of themselves as the couple were doing their business. The incident happened inside a bank in Oviedo, a city in Spain. Apart from their socks, they were naked during their tryst with their clothes strewn around them. �They stripped right off for it,” said a police spokesman. �This wasn’t just a quick fumble.” Even when people had surrounded them laughing, applauding, and taking pictures, the busy couple were not distracted. The police were called to the scene but seemed too embarrassed to do anything. Then another team of policemen came around and entered the premises. �Get up and get dressed,” barked one officer. �You know this is not the proper time or place to be getting up to this.” A police spokesman later said: �The couple obeyed. We took their details but we have not pressed any charges. I suppose they got carried away in the heat of the moment.” As expected, pictures of the amorous duo later ended up on Twitter and another social network site. There were also plenty of puns on the internet about �making a transfer” and �penetrating funds” because of their peculiar choice of mating territory.

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