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Covenant University expels student as naked twerking video leaks

Covenant University expels student

A 100 level student of covenant University has been expelled for a twerking viral video. The video went viral on twitter. The Video shows a naked Bisi twerking completely naked with her friend fully clothed.

One of the girl in the videos MhiZ Jacklyn on Twitter is allegedly the owner of the laptop from which the video leaked. She tweeted that she did not intend to release the video but deleted it and a male friend stumbled on it in the recycle bin and released it. She apologizes in the tweet below.

Covenant University expels student

How it all started:
Bisi and her very close friend and roommate, Mhiz Jacklyn decided to do a video of them twerking.
Bisi was completely naked, dancing and twerking while Mhiz was fully clothed.
Of course they watched the video, laughed over it and then Mhiz allegedly deleted the video but forgot to ‘delete’ it completely from her recycle bin.

Sad as it is, a colleague of theirs who’s been trying to woo Bisi, borrowed Mhiz’s laptop…found the video and er-rmm, copied it into his flash drive.

He began threatening Bisi saying he’ll show her hell if she continued to turn down his advances, and truly he released the video.

Trust Nigerian youths, the video spread like wildfire on the social media.. the school authority got to know about this and expelled Bisi.

A few hours ago, Mhiz (_Jackine_) apologized publicly on twitter but so many peeps began (and are still) blasting her

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