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Dabota Lawson Sued By Cosmetic Company For Copyright Infringement


Dabota Lawson is reportedly in a legal battle over copyright infringement.

The makeup entrepreneur who runs a cosmetic line and water company is being sued by Natural Dermis Skin Care (@naturaldermisskincare), for imitating many of their products under her company; Billionaire Wife Ltd.

She has been accused for using everything from their design, packaging, placement, and even the same font size of text on the box labels of their products for her Dabota Cosmetic line.





According to @NaturalDermisskincare, Dabota knocked off their original design. This includes the product description text (font), the English and french descriptions beneath it, the glass encased bottle(and it’s design), and the silver pump.

A representative of the company said Natural Dermis has decided to make this a matter of public knowledge before they begin their legal documentation.

This is being done to make the public aware of the brands the patronize, given that the imitation by Dabota Cosmetics has been misleading.

The company will be sending a �cease & desist” letter to Dabota Lawson so that she removes any products in question which will be specified in the document, according to this report.

Natural Dermis is said to have been collecting copies of their bottle & label designs to begin a copyright lawsuit & sue for copyright infringement if Dabota Cosmetics fails to honour the �cease & desist”.

They are also seeking payment for the profits that Dabota Cosmetics has acquired using their original design to attract customers, They will also be calculating how much her company has unlawfully profited from their design.

Dabota has herself accused Kylie Jenner of stealing some of her lipstick products for her Kylie lip kit. She took to Instagram to call out the reality star whom she said produced exact replicas of some shades of her lipstick stating that she launched her line first.

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