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Dating An Older Woman Is Always More Suitable For Men – Nkechi Blessing

NkechiNollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has shared her reaction to assumptions that she is too old for her new boyfriend.

Responding to murmurings about the age difference between her and her man, the movie star has come out to say she is only 31 years old.

She added that these angry fans should stop sounding like they know his age, because he is not that young.

She added that an older woman is more suitable.

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She recently had this to say about her heavy backside, “I know that I’m talented and people tend to see my natural endowment but it is okay because it is very obvious. You cannot hide God’s glory and blessing. He gave me this endowment so you have to see it first before you see the other sides of me. It is very obvious that I’m a curvaceous lady. I have always been comfortable with my body.”

“While I was growing up, I was skinny but I had big buttocks. I got bigger and everything was in the right proportion. I cannot complain because God gave me a perfect body. He gave me the perfect fat legs to carry the big buttocks.”

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