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Dead Woman Pounding In Her Own Funeral



corpse ghanaian woman pounding yam naijavibe.net

There are so�many things that happen around the world and it is with the help of social media can we be able to peep through some of this happening. This is one of the strangest things I have seen during a wake-keeping, lying in state or even burial, should I describe this as sitting in state. A woman who was purportedly a food vendor (mama put) before she died was the center of a bizarre situation as she was lying in state or should I say sitting in state. The ceremony took place somewhere in Ghana, instead of the body to lie and people would go round to pay their last respect to her in the casket the supposed dead woman body was set up in a sitting position with a pestle on her hand and a mortar with pounded yam and some other items she used when cooking when she was alive, as if she was in her kitchen…… when you think there is nothing new under the surface of the sun and you see something of this nature.dead woman pounding naijavibe.net


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