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Deontay Wilder Doesn’t Know How To Deal With Losing – Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua

Popular boxer, Anthony Joshua has come out to blast Deontay Wilder for his several excuses since he lost to Tyson Fury.

He recently revealed that the excuses do not surprise him because Wilder has always found it hard to deal with losing.

According to him, Deontay kept knocking everyone out in the past and he got used to a winning performance, so he just cannot understand why it is hard for him to win now.

Joshau added that he expects Wilder to express himself differently in the future when he is more willing to accept his reality.

His words, “I’m not surprised. He is trying to express how he feels to the world. He has left it to us, the masses, to interpret it how we feel is best.

‘How he feels today might change in a year or two years due to experiences or more understanding of the situation that he has gone through.

‘He was knocking everybody out and got used to a winning performance. He took a loss and isn’t used to it.

‘As time goes on, he may express himself differently. Today? In my humble opinion it isn’t coming across in the right way.”

On a fight between them, “The positive out of it? He told the world that he ducked and dodged me.

‘We offered him a fight for the undisputed championship of the world and he went down the route of fighting Fury.

‘I’m glad we can clear that up and move on.

‘As time goes on, it will all come to fruition and make sense.”

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