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Dino Melaye’s wife Alero denies wife beating rumours, disses ex-wife Tokunbo


Alero Falope, the new wife of Dino Melaye who moved out of the house last week has finally spoken.��
See excerpts from her interview with SDK�below:

Yes, I exchanged SMS with Tokunbo but I only did that because I thought it would remain between us and besides I needed to connect with someone who might understand where I was coming from.� Tokunbo sent me a long mail earlier this year detailing all the bad sides of Dino and what she had lived with. At the point I contacted her, some of what she said made sense and because of my state of mind, I stupidly thought I could talk to her about some of her experience which I could relate with.

The experience I refer to has nothing to do with violence in any form.

The mail she sent me had a phone number and at the time I contacted her, I needed to talk. I deeply regret contacting her and I feel bad that she made the contents of our exchange public even though I asked her not to and assumed she would be private about it.

I also needed her to know that I wasn’t the reason her marriage ended, at the time I met Dino, he told me he was divorced and I believed him”.

Domestic Violence?

�Let me state here now that Dino might be a lot of things but he never beat me and that’s the truth.�There were just some things I couldn’t handle and that was what I referred to as living in Tokunbo’s hell for six months.

I did not say he beat me…saying anything of such would be a big lie.

I am not saying this because anyone asked me to, I am only trying to correct a wrong impression that has been blown out of proportion. Dino has never laid a finger on me. keeping quiet on this means consent to the falsehood being spread and I am speaking up now to correct the wrong impression my chat with Tokunbo might have caused.

Why leave?

‘’I left for reasons best known to Dino and I which had nothing to do with any form of Violence towards me. I just needed some space and quiet to think but regardless of my actions and his imperfections, i still hold him in high regard and still love him very much. Dino is a good man but like everyone else he is not perfect and he is still my husband”.


Any chance of reconciliation?

‘’I said a lot of things concerning Dino to Tokunbo out of anger which I deeply regret but never say never. Life is always full of surprises”.

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