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Don’t Compare Ganduje’s Removal To Oshiomhole’s – APC

Abdullahi Ganduje

Abdullahi Ganduje

The National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, Felix Morka has come out to say that it would be wrong for anybody to liken the current travail of Dr Abdullahi Ganduje to the political intrigues that led to the removal of the Adams Oshiomhole-led National Working Committee from the party secretariat.

He recently had his via a press statement, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, the situations are different because unlike what happened in Oshiomhole’s case, those pushing for Ganduje’s suspension are not recognised members of the party.

He added that if you really understand the facts of what happened to Oshiomhole, you will know it cannot be compared to Ganduje’s case.

His words, “No, it is not familiar if you understand the facts of what happened to Oshiomhole. They are incomparable. They are two different things altogether. In the case of Oshiomhole when he was the national chairman, the individuals who were involved in that effort to suspend him and take all the actions within the party were officials of the party.

I know no one could have come out at that time to say these individuals are not legitimate officers of the party. So whether they were persuaded to do that or compromised, whether they were acting on their free will and volition is a different conversation. And I am not going to speak to that. But they were members of the party.

In this particular case in Kano, we’re seeing people that we know are not officials of the party. The man who purportedly read the suspension was physically at the party secretary on Wednesday to say he did not participate nor authorise any lawyer to go to court to bring this action against the national chairman. So when the person that is fully disclosed by identity is the same individual saying he did not, then who the heck was the individual who went to court? That is the question.

The difference here is that we have pure imposters announcing the suspension of our national chairman and they had gone to court to attempt to affirm that same illegal and criminal act. So I just want to make sure that that is clear that these individuals are not authorized and not acting foreign on behalf of the ward. They need to stop because when the dust settles; there will be consequences for this sort of behaviour.”


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