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Emmy Collins puts Linda Ikeji on blast again

Emmy Collins

If you recall last year he put the popular blogger on blast. The popular fashion critic, designer Emmy Collins is at it again.

See what he wrote below:

Linda and her “designer” bags
Linda still represents the picture of yesterday’s left over meal regardless of whether her bags cost zillions of dollars or not and there could only be one reason for that which is a perpetual poverty of the mind.

I don’t know about you guys but nothing about Linda here suggests that she has expended more than 50 quid on herself and I dare anyone including Linda herself to prove me wrong.

You see, the Linda of today is absolutely different from the humble Linda I used to know. The first time I had a chat with Linda was after I read her blog and her exact words were “Hi Emmy, fancy getting an email from u.. And u read my blog? Yeeeeeeeeeee! lol”. It is apparent from her outbursts that this was a bubbly and humble lady who never took herself too seriously. Fast forward a few years ahead and you get this lady who has circulated the notion that all that matters is money, the mean lady who will cowardly innovate lies against anyone who dares criticise her and then send her gutter mouth sister to circulate same.

No doubt Linda has done well for herself but if you asked me she hasn’t done well for the society at the moment because readers who compromise of youths are being taught to accumulate money by all means necessary instead of being educated on the need to work hard and persevere till success arrives. Knowledge is power so Linda must yearn towards empowering her readers rather than always telling them about who bought what car, who wears the latest Rolex wristwatch or who built the biggest house.

Sometimes the wristwatches ain’t even authentic, the cars don’t exist and the houses belong to someone else, yet Linda will post the stories without scrutiny and thereby making the young impressionable youths and some not very smart section of her readership believe they have been leading irrelevant and non-meaningful lives and thereby indirectly encouraging them to go through any means necessary to amass illegal wealth so that they can feature on Linda’s blog or perhaps wear a Rolex as well.

It is a shame that Linda doesn’t even realise how much influence she could be if she chooses to.
The question is does her smartness extend to that level.
We have become so cheap that once someone expends money on us, he or she buys our silence forever.I believe some very smart people would remind me of the amount to a tune of a million naira which Linda doled out last Christmas.

Anyone that comes up with that crap as an argument to put forward against my notion that Linda doesn’t give back to society is apparently not intelligent enough to comprehend the angle I’m approaching. My answer to this group of people would of course be a deafening silence.
Please do yourself a favour and don’t bring up the “you-hating-on-her” rubbish because that will give you away as unwise, very impressionable and very gullible. If you disagree with me then fair enough but argue for or against the points I raised.

I prefer the old non-oppressive and humble Linda or was the Linda I used to know the fake Linda and this present one the real McCoy? hmmmmmmm, thinking.

Well, this came about because Linda was posting bags again and talking the exact trash her sister Laura came up with when she posted invoices which left me with no option than to believe that Laura could have tweeted those nonsensical stuff on her twitter page but it was Linda that initiated and perhaps typed them all in.

Looking at these images has totally convinced me that it there were ever an Mgbeke Inc. Linda will be the national co-ordinator aka mgbeke in chief.


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