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Essentials for a tomboy

As a tomboy, you sometimes find that most people do not understand your style, especially in this part of the world where a lady is expected to dress and act like a lady.

You even sometimes get confused as to what to wear that suits your personality and at the same time, appeals to both sex. Some of you are probably being pressured by the society and family to dress in ways that make you uncomfortable. And for those of you that have the freewill to dress however you like, you tend to feel like the odd or weird one because you look different from all the other ladies.

Well, that is over now because I have got the essentials for a tomboy to stand out in a good way. With these basic pieces in your wardrobe, you have got the answers or solutions to all your style questions.

I have always admired the tomboy style because I think it is super chic, sexy, sassy, unique and stylish. I actually went through the tomboy phase at some point in my life. Which is why I have decided to help my tomboy sisters with these essentials for a perfect chic tomboy style.

And the best part of it all, is that these are pieces you may already have in your closet, so you don’t need to go shopping for them, but if you love shopping (which I doubt, lol), then you wouldn’t mind.

Let’s get to it then.

Tomboy NaijaVibe

The boyfriend jean is super comfy but not sloppy. You can pair this with a simple T-shirt or a shirt (any color of your choice). It’s not too tight, thereby given you that boyish look. For us tomboys, comfort is key.

T shirts are perfect for that super comfortable look. You can wear a tshirt and not look sloppy. Why I love them is that they can be paired with almost anything. Pair a nice white t shirt with a pair of boyfriend jean, leggings or shorts for that super extra comfortable look.

The Toms is one of my favourite shoe of all time. I feel like these were made just for me (honestly). They are super comfortable and have that boyish look. I could honestly wear these all day every day. Every tomboy definitely needs a pair of these in their shoe closet.

The sling bag is a must have for every lady. Tomboy or not, you need one of these in your closet. Remember those days when you don’t feel like carrying anything in your hands but yet you have to because you have things that you can’t fit into your pocket? Well, that is why you have these. I love comfort.

The boy friend wristwatch is bold and masculine, which makes it perfect for a tomboy. A lot of ladies are rocking these lately. Gone are the days when the ideal wristwatch for ladies had to be a thin strap watch.

The shorts are really cool for everyone, especially tomboys. These khaki shorts are even better because they are loose fitted. One thing I know every tomboy hates, are tight clothing, which is why these are the perfect kind of shorts for tomboys.

With these key pieces in your wardrobe, you can go about your day feeling chic, sexy, cool, and tomboyish (lol).
Remember, you can pair each piece with different outfits, these are just some essentials for your closet.
Thanks for reading, till next time.

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