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Every person needs a philosophy


Every person needs a philosophy, a frame of reference to which he refers everything that happens to him and in the world.

A good frame of reference is not necessarily true but referring the events of this world to it enables one to make sense of the things that happen to one; one feels peaceful and undisturbed. One still does not know what the truth is.

What is the truth? I do not know and nobody knows, either. In the absence of knowing the absolute truth we can settle for the appearance of the truth, philosophy.

Science appears to explain physical phenomena but runs into a dead end when it tries to explain origins. So, there was a big bang that got things going, eh? But what was before the big bang? What got the big bang going, nothing? What is nothing?

Nothing means no particular thing which is everything, so you just said that everything, including what you do not know, got the Big Bang going. Give me a break, will you. Admit that you do not know everything. Where everything is not known we need a philosophy that seems to include everything.

Thus, while we must study the physical sciences we must also have philosophy and or meta-science.

Philosophy is not the truth but it offers a frame of reference.


In this essay I will offer you my frame of reference, my philosophy. My frame of reference is that the world is a dream in the mind of God’s son.

God has one son and that one son extended to all of us. The one son of God (all of us) dreams this world.

One son is responsible for this world. Each of us is a part of that one son of God. If you accept that you are the one son of God and is responsible for dreaming this world, and then you take responsibility for all that happens in this world (even for events beyond you, such as what folks in other countries are doing). You accept responsibility for what happens directly to you and not to you.

You see the world as your projection, the projection of the one son of God. One self-projects out the entire world. You are part of that oneself and participates in projecting out the world (how it is done you do not understand at the rational level… do you understand how at night when you sleep your mind dreams a world that seem real?).

If other people do good or bad thing to you, if you accept this philosophy, you accept it as your projection (and their projection).

All the people in the world project out what happens to you and to them. As far as you are concerned you accept your part of the projection and leave other people to accept theirs or not.

For example, if you are a black man you accept that you projected out the white people that discriminate against black folks (and white folks projected out the black people they discriminate against). The external world is our collective projection; all people projected it out and seem to live in it.

So, how do you correct this projection that obviously hurts black folks? Clearly, you do not just accept what hurts you, or do you?

First, you accept your part in the collective projection that is the world: the fact that what are going on in the world are a dream and that you are part of the dreamer of the world (all of us are the collective dreamer, the one son of God).

Dream events are not true, they are projections of the mind; the mind projects out what it wants to experience.

In this light, black minds project out their desire to experience abuse by some other sons of God seen as white folks. By the same token, some sons of God in white colors project out a dream in which they want to abuse black sons of God.

Clearly, the dream is insane for if you keep abusing another person you cannot expect him to tolerate your abuse forever. Thus, by and by black dream figures would abuse white dream figures. This will happen sooner than most people believe. Black folks will take over North and South America and Europe; it is actually already happening.

The alternative to this evil dream is for the dream figures to have loving dreams. In this case all the figures in the dream love each other; blacks and whites and all people do what is right by each other.

For this to happen, the dreamer, the sons of God, who is one, must decide to have a loving dream. You, a dream figure, represents the real you, the son of God who is sleeping and dreaming through you. You, though a dream figure must decide to love all the people around you; you must also decide to forgive the wrongs people did to you in the past.

Forgiveness is based on the premise that dream events are not real; what people did to you in the past was done in your mutual dreams and has not been done in spiritual reality.

In the present, you decide to have a loving dream, to love all people and have them love you. If you love all people you project out a loving world and most people would love you.

Those sons of God who still wish to have hateful dreams will, of course, still come into your dream world but instead of you fighting them you correct their evil dreams by showing them that love is the best mode of existence. Our true self is love and when we are sane we love.

What people around you do to you is a direct product of your projection; you projected them out to do to you what you see them do to you.

By the same token, seeming other persons projected you out and did to you what they did to you. The you and they doing the projection is the unified son of God. The son of God is one but has extended his oneself into all of us. Through all of us he is doing what all of us do in this world.

This explanation can become an abstract philosophy; to make it concrete just accept that you projected out what other people did to you. If they did good to you, you projected them out to do good to you. If they did bad to you, you projected them out to do bad to you. You project out a people and world to do to you what you want to experience.

You cannot experience what you do not want to experience. If it were possible for you to experience what you do not want to experience then life would be unfair. If life is unfair there is no justice in the world.

If there is no justice in the world forgiveness is a luxury; the right response is to attack and kill whoever hurts you.

But if you projected out what you are experiencing then there is justice in the world. Because there is justice in the world you can afford to forgive those who in our mutual dreams hurt you; you forgive them because they did to you what in your insanity you wanted to experience and what in their insanity they wanted to do.

White folks did what hurt black folks for in black folk’s insanity they want to experience slavery and racism. White folks wanted to enslave and discriminate against black folks because they are insane. The world exists because the son of God is insane.

What is desired in insanity is not desired in sanity. In sanity black people desire only love; in sanity white folks desire love.

Now that black people desire only love white people must love them. They have no choice but to love black people, for, as noted above, it is a matter of time before black people rule Europe and America, and would inflict injury to white people.

If black people inflict injury to white people they did what white people did; they are insane as white people who practice racism are insane.

Sanity requires only love. Thus, in a world ruled by sane black or white persons they must love all people, black and white.

Actually, the people of the future are not going to be black or white but both. In a few hundred years the entire human race would be mixed into one race. All people began as a brown people and will return to being brown.


White folks did black folks a favor by showing them that they are nothing. If black folk accept the nothingness that white folks see them as they would find peace and joy. This way they are saved by those who made them feel like they are nothing.

One must see ones ego and body as nothing. Having accepted the nothingness of the ego, its body and world one then asks if there is something else to one.

If one experiences the real self, the unified son of God, aka Christ who is not in body and is not ego one is saved from the painful world of the ego.

White folks made black folks feel that their egos and bodies are nothing; out of that state black folks (few now but all in the future) realize that they have a different self, the unified and formless son of God, the Christ.

If white folks had seen black folk as important and they see themselves as important they would have been enslaved to the ego and its world and not begin the process of liberation from ego and its world.

White folks at the conscious level want to abuse and humiliate black folks but they have managed to save black folks while staying in slavery themselves. Your abuser, your enslaver is your savior.

White folks are slaves for as long as they remain in the ego; it is for black folks to now save them by telling them that as egos they are nothing.

This is what is meant by forgiving the world, overlooking the world. When you see those your ego see as having wronged you and not feel ego humiliation because you no longer identify with the ego you have overlooked the ego and its world; you have forgiven all egos and now live in peace and joy hence is a saved person.

Thereafter, you give your peace to the world by asking people to do what you did, not see their selves as egos hence forgive those who harmed their egos but did nothing, literally to them.

If all that exists is mind and mind is dreaming and in its dream produce people been born and die, it follows that people do not get born and do not die.

In so far that we see them been born and die it is like what takes place in a dream and what takes place in a dream has not taken place at all.

In that sense my father and mother are not dead; Helen Schucman and Kenneth Warpnick are not dead; they just exited the dream in the manner they chose to exit it via what to those in the dream call death (Helen and Kenneth from cancer).

No one actually lives in body or is weak or is pained or has cancer; it is all a dream. I am not here typing this material, only a dream figure is typing it; my real self is in spirit.

This is what A course in miracles teaches; it denies the world of space, time and matter. Accept it or reject it but that is what it teaches.

In the meantime, in the dream people do get born and die and you cannot deny that empirical observation; you may deny the ultimate reality of death but not its temporary reality.

Mind creates particles and atoms and uses them to fashion a body and seems to live in body and seems to die and the particles and atoms dissolve into the nothingness from whence they were conjured out and mind continues to exist.

I have now realized that as ego and body I am nothing and accepted it and do not do anything to seem like I could ever be an important ego and body. I cannot be nothing, ego and body and be important, for nothingness cannot be important.

I see other people as I see me; I tell them to accept their ego and body nothingness and accept the all importance of love, Christ in them.

In doing so, I am saved from identification with the ego and have become a savior of the world; I live in peace and joy and give my peace and joy to the world.

Considering what it takes to keep the human body alive: food, medications, clothes and shelter folks must like their bodies to consider them worth working for. People must have a bit of narcissism in them. If they hated their bodies why become slaves working to make living for them?

I expect people to like their bodies. Though bodies are nothing, a pile of atoms and particles yet it must be liked to be worked for.

People fear death because they believe that there is no life outside body. However, to desire to live in bodies, in nothing, is pathetic. People value nothing. Have pity for people rather than blame them for their narcissism, for choosing to be unhappy.

We talk about the ego as if it is a mild thing; no, the ego was designed to be the opposite of love; the ego is total hate.

Heaven, that is, God and his son is total love; in spirit the son of God, like his father knows only love but when he chose to separate from his father and brothers he wanted to experience the opposite of love.

Love is union; separation from union is hate. The ego is designed to be the opposite of love and knows only hate. The ego is hate concretized.

A human being in ego state, separated state is pure hate. The ego was designed to be hate. The ego is pure hate. The ego cannot love. The ego cannot love the son of God, that is, cannot love ones real self and other people’s real selves. The ego can only hate the son of God and all people.

Because it is painful to live alone the ego, dream figure cannot tolerate the aloneness that goes with separation. It therefore retains its desired independence, its separation but manages to set up scenarios where it seems to get along with other people, and love them. It engages in special love relationships.

In special love relationships (our earth’s relationships) the ego retains its specialness and separation but ameliorate its aloneness by seeming to love other people. But this is pseudo relationship for deep down it still desires the insanity of specialness and separation.

The ego stays in its pseudo unions and when others alienate it its true face of hate is bared, it hates with special venom.

For example, when marriages end those who had pretended to love one another hate each other with special venom; they want to kill each other or make life for each other horrible (including taking them to the cleaners).

When you alienate the ego it wants you dead. This point must know. White people, for example, have been humiliating black people and thinking that it is cute to do so. But black people egos have not forgiven white people. As egos black people have desire to kill white people. But their egos realize that white people have the upper hand in terms of power so they bite their lips and bide their time. When the tables turn they would show the hatred in their ego minds, hatred that wants all white people dead or enslaved.

When I as a black man felt discriminated by white folks I wanted all white folks dead. It is as simple as that: only their death would satisfy my ego.

When we divorced I expected my son to live with me; he stayed with his mother. I was angry at him. Whereas I did nothing about it but when eventually he came to live with me my anger at him showed it’s self when he did something that I did not like and I asked him to live my house.

The point is that the ego knows only hate and we must teach it love. The ego knows no love and needs to be taught love. The people you see around you are egos; as egos in bodies they know only hate; they do not know love; their love for you and your love for them is pseudo love (special love relationship). You need to learn to love and other people need to learn to love. This is an ongoing thing for as long as people live in bodies and identify with separated selves they cannot love but can be taught to love by loving them.

I do not really love me or love other people; the only thing that I love is the ego; seeking to be a powerful ego and avoiding situations where it is not recognized is primary in my life. I sacrificed loving me and people because of it. I have never loved any woman or person; I am always seeking to rehabilitate my injured pride in social relationships.

As I look at people that I have known in my entire life, say, kids in my elementary and secondary schools, in my town, in the work place I am the only one seeking a powerful ego (is neurotic). The other folks seem pretty normal. Yet most of them are as the world sees these things not successful in any line of work! It is neurotics who rise to the top of social pyramids!

The philosophy explicated here does not ask you to go try to change other people. Your own experience probably has shown you that you cannot even change you and certainly cannot change other people and their behaviors. It is not for you to try to change other people.

People come into the world with a set of biological givens and experience society in a certain manner and form personality types (ego types). People have their behavior patterns, their personalities and it is not for you to try to change them.

They will come into your orbit, dream and enact out their personality type. You cannot make them behave differently. What you can do is live and let live; let people be who their egos are and simply overlook what their egos and bodies do, overlook what their personalities do.

Of course, if they harm other people they must be arrested, tried in a court of law and punished. As long as people are not harming other persons your job is to see them as dream figures doing their dream things and overlook what they are doing for they are doing nothing since dreams and behaviors in them are not real.

Love the dreamer in people, the son of God in them and ignore their dream figures and their dream behaviors. Let us say that you find men engaged in homosexual behaviors and their behaviors seem repulsive to you. What you need to do is remember that they are doing what they are doing in a dream; their sexual habits are part of their ego insanity. You overlook their nightmarish dream and love the son of God in them, the dreamer who has gone temporarily insane and do the absurd things they are doing on earth.

In wake state, in sanity, in unified state, in God we are not in forms, not in bodies and do not do what we do in ego separated selves and bodies.

Fear is what makes the human body survive; without fear the human body would not take measures to survive from the millions of threats confronting it daily. Fear holds the ego and its world together and without fear the egos world would not exist.

Fear is a negative affect; therefore, in as such as the ego exists as a result of fear it is a negative thing. Life in ego/body is a negative phenomenon.

Love is union and is positive; life in love is positive and everlasting.

You hear a sound, stimulus, in your immediate environment and you try to understand what made it and you interpret it with fear. If you interpret with fear (that the sound/stimulus may contain what might hurt or kill you) you are living in fear, in neurosis.

Neurosis is seeing the world with fear (of harm and death). Science is interpreting the world, phenomena without fear.

Love is light. Love (that is God) is one stream of light that begins nowhere and extends to everywhere. That light is not broken into units; there is no space and time in it, no separated selves in it although there are selves in it. People’s nature in spirit, in heaven is part of everlasting light.

On earth, in the dream of separation the continuous light that is God is masked with a wall of flesh (flesh itself is actually made of light but made to seem dark) and appears to be separated from other lights, people.

In each of us now is a unit of light, a speck of light, a glimmer of light masked by our body. The glimmer of light in us is what we use to think in our brains (thinking is done by electrons which is light).

The physical world of space, time and matter we see does not exist; it occurred and is now over. We keep it in memory, mind and use it to do our current dreams.

Consider that each night when you sleep and dream you call forth a world that does not exist and dream in that world but when you wake up in the morning that world no longer exists for you.

Extrapolating from that nightly event, the day world is also called forth by a mind that wants to dream in it (dream specialness and separation).

The physical world does not exist but is remembered by a mind that wants to dream specialness and separation and dreams in it.

Look at you; see your body, in space and time, clothed etc. That body of yours, space and time do not exist; they are in your mind; they are ideas your mind housed in flesh and clothed and occasionally made sick, age and die; all those take place within your mind but do not exist outside your mind.

The world you see is not there. Your mind is blank when it sees this world. What is real is when your mind sees continuous light, the light of God that has no form.

The Holy Spirit‘s world is our world reinterpreted with love; the things of our world are represented in light forms; it is also a false world and when you see it your mind is also blank but this blank mind gives you relative (to ego mind) peace and happiness.

Your mind has content in it when it experiences only light, God.

Let us assume that you accept the philosophy espoused in this paper, you may then ask: now what? You still see you in your body and in this world of space and time and if so why bother putting into your mind a philosophy that denies your ego and body and the world you live in. Good question. The reason why you should do so is because if there is another reality why not find out if it exists or is just a wished for world, a product of magical thinking.

You got nothing to lose but your fears and limitations. All you are asked to do is try to find out if the world envisaged by this paper exists. How? Before you make decisions ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. This is because when one makes decisions one does so with a guide and there are two possible guides: the ego guide or the Holy Spirit guide.

To live in this world at all one is guided by the ego. If you see you in body and live in the world of space and time you are guided by the ego. That is, you wish for specialness and separation. So you are already in the world of specialness and separation and what you can now do is try to see that world in a different light.

When the Holy Spirit guides you, you are still in the egos world, our world but you now choose to see it with love and forgiveness. You choose to see all people with love and forgive those who harmed you and teach them correct, that is, loving behavior.

The Holy Spirit, like the ego is not a person; it is an approach to living. If you emphasize self-interest you are in ego state; if you emphasize love for all people you are in the Holy Spirit state.

The ego is in your left mind, it is the wrong mind; the ego is the insane mind that produced this world and adapts to it.

The Holy Spirit is the right, sane mind that corrects this world by seeing what seems separated from you as parts of you. The Holy Spirit corrects the world of separation made by the ego. It asks you to love all.

If you love all and meditate you would see you and the people in this world in light forms. This is our world made purified, made loving. It is still an illusion, a fiction but it is a better one.

When we all love each other, live from the Holy Spirit we live in the world of light forms; we are now at the gate of heaven. Eventually, we enter heaven and live in the formless light world of God.

In heaven there is only God and his sons as one continuous light. But when the sons of God separated from him and each other God created the Holy Spirit and placed him inside their minds. If they consult him he tells them to love all people.

At present our minds have three parts: our original mind in heaven, the unified mind of God and his sons; the left mind (ego mind) and the right mind (Holy Spirit or Christ mind).

God the father (in heaven), God the son (us) and God the Holy Spirit (the correction principle in the world of separation) are in our minds; we can choose which one we identify with and live from.

There is no me in body and in the world of space and time. I, the son of God, while in spirit, went to sleep and dream that I am the dream figure I now see myself as, a person in body and walking around in space and time, a dream of persecution, a dream that other people are persecuting me. None of these is true; they are taking place in my mind and I project them out and see them as in a dream.

I/you feel guilt from separating from my real self and seeming to live in ego/body, denying my real self. I have not separated from my real self, son of God, unified self, and should not feel guilt for guilt implies that I actually did something, separate from my real self. I cannot separate from my real self; I am merely sleeping and pretending to be separate from my real self.

I/you should not feel fear because I did nothing wrong and would not be punished by an angry God. God knows that I cannot separate from him and therefore is not out to punish me; he just wants me, his son to love him and love all my brothers even while we are in body; that is why he created the Holy Spirit.

The philosophy that I briefly explicated above enables me to see what people are doing in the world as events taking place in a dream. Dreams are not real; as such I do not disturb my mind’s peace by fuzzing over unreal, dream events.

If I see people having sex, are sick, are at war and killing themselves etc. I say to me that they are doing nothing for in their true state, spirit, they are not in body or ego; in their true self they are formless spirit and as such do not have sex or kill their selves at wars or feel physically sick etc. The things people on earth do no longer disturbs my mind as they used to do ( I was an ego idealist and saw the imperfections of people and what they do and wanted to improve them via seeking ideal people and ideal world). Now, I simply see what people do as what folks do in dreams and, as such, do not matter. What matters is the dreamer not his dream. Thus I love the dreamer and ignore his dreams. I love the son of God in people but ignore their egos and bodies and what they do in the world with their egos and bodies.

Does that mean that I am now indifferent to what people do out there? For example, am I still concerned with politics?

I am not indifferent to what people do. I merely see them correctly, as dream activities and do not let their foolish actions bother me. Of course, I work for a world where folks love each other.

Even though the world is a dream we have to make it a happy dream before it ends and we reawaken to our Christ nature.

The world becomes a happy dream when all people love each other. However, I do not wait for all the people to love one another; I get the ball rolling by loving all people hence live in a happy dream.

A happy dream is still a dream, an illusion, a fiction, an unreal world but it is better than the nightmarish world of hate that we currently live in.

When all people learn to love all people we transit to the world of light forms; we still see ourselves as we currently are, in bodies but our bodies would be made of pure light.

From that light forms world, also called the gate of heaven, we enter heaven and return to the awareness of our true self, formless spirit self; the unified son of God who is one with all sons of God and with their father, God.

Where is our world of dense forms, the world of light forms (New Jerusalem) and the formless world of God (heaven)? They are in your mind, in my mind; they are where we currently are.

Choose to hate and you are in our world of dense forms. Choose love for people in forms and you enter the world of light forms. Choose love of formless people and you experience heaven.

Heaven (or hell) is not out there; heaven is in you. Or, as Brother Jesus would say: the kingdom of God is inside you and you keep looking outside for it. Look inside you; love you and all people and you are in heaven.

PS: Nothing said in this paper discourages the reader from paying attention to this world. In fact, one must study the physical sciences and have the equivalent of university education in physics, chemistry and biology to be a functional person in the twenty first century. This essay assumes knowledge of science and provides a meta-science. We all need science and its applied form in technology to adapt to the realities of this world, the world of accidents where the laws of the ego applies (the laws of chaos, laws of accidents) but also need to understand meta-science with its laws.

Written by
Ozodi Osuji Ph.D
[email protected]
(907) 538-1086

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