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Fani-Kayode Has Never Raised A Child Physically In His Entire Life – Precious Chikwendu

Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode

Popular media consultant, Precious Chikwendu has come out to respond to the allegations her estranged husband, Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) recently made against her.

This is coming after Femi Fani-Kayode released a statement accused Precious Chikwendu of trying to kill FFK and their 4 sons.

Reacting, Precious revealed that when she met her ex, his accounts were frozen, so no one should dare call her a gold digger.

Precious added that the allegations of her wanting to kill her child are obviously false, and it is funny to see how it came from Fani-Kayode who has never raised any of his kids physically.


“My name is Precious Chikwedu, a graduate of the University of Calabar, Miss Untied Nation 2014, and a Nollywood actress since 2007. Naturally, I maintain a calm disposition when in crisis, being goal-oriented and not a talker of any sort. But I am now forced to respond to these allegations for my children, well-being, and career path.”

“As a student, I lived a moderately comfortable school life with self-sustaining businesses. Upon graduation, I got a job in a construction company. I bought my first car as an undergraduate and have chains of businesses before meeting FFK. I was also into modelling and had several endorsements as an International beauty queen, in addition to my job; these are verifiable facts.”

“I am tagged a gold-digger due to misconception, ignorance and some people relying on deliberately planted falsehood. It is unfortunate that when I met Femi in 2014, he already had his bank accounts frozen by the EFCC, and they remain frozen to date. He opened another bank account when he joined the Goodluck Jonathan campaign team in 2015. The present government initiated an investigation based on the campaign funds source. And his campaign account was frozen again. Common sense can show that he may have been financially constrained while I was with him.”

“My relationship with Femi at the time we met was more of me caring and having a deep concern for him while he was UNDER EFCC PROSECUTION. However, it later transited into a supposed romantic relationship that became oppressive, obsessive and abusive. Femi turned into a control freak that tried to control even the very breath that I took.”

“Femi posed as a lonely and abandoned man who gave his all to his loved ones but was left alone in his moment of need (EFCC trial). He spoke bitterly of a Regina, who he said fled to her country, abandoning him when President Yar’Adua’s government ordered the EFCC to investigate him for money laundering. The court also mentioned her name.”

On wanting to kill her kids, “It is laughable to read the claims of cruelty from someone who has never raised any of his kids physically since I have known him. How can I be cruel to children that I took lots of pains to bear, to make an ungrateful man who complained about having no sons happy? Both births were IVF conceived, and I took needles for months before and after. I take my kids to school, church, playgrounds and shopping and every other thing that could make them happy as kids. I practically shared my days in his house on my social media pages out of boredom. People who followed loved my boys’ love, as these memories still linger on my social media walls today. I love my kids, and they mean everything to me.”

“I run an NGO that deals with education for the less privileged. I started with primary and secondary school projects as miss United Nations. My love for children has been traceable from time. My accuser is the one who deceived innocent children with a scholarship scheme that turned out to be a fraud. He offered scholarships to three hundred students for top schools in the Benin Republic through my foundation in May 2020.”

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