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FG Keeps Pampering Kidnappers In Nigeria – Mike Ene

Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

Critical stakeholders in the education sector have come out to say that the Federal Government is pampering kidnappers in the country.

The stakeholders, who were the Nigeria Union of Teachers, NUT, the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, and the National Parent Teacher Association of Nigeria, NAPTAN, recently revealed this to the press.

According to him, FG must learn to tackle the problem of incessant abduction of students headlong, because the current approach feels like they are treating the matter with kid’s gloves.

The National Secretary of the NUT, Dr Mike Ene, added that there are many questions begging for answers with the manner large numbers of students were being kidnapped and released.

His words, “It is obvious some people are behind these incidents. How can some people just take away hundreds of school children just like that? Where do they keep them and how do they feed them? Even to feed and keep nearly 300 children in a day is a task.”

“No one should support ransom payment because when that is done, we are promoting and supporting criminals in their ugly trade. If a group does the kidnapping here and it is paid, another group will rise up somewhere and do its own. We cannot turn crimes into a business that the state will be supporting and financing indirectly.”

Another stakeholder said, “Those abducting school children are nothing but terrorists. There is no point using euphemism to describe them. The truth be told, the Federal Government is too friendly with these kidnappers. Unless decisive steps are taken to stop this illicit trade of the freedom of school children for money by abductors, it will do the country irreparable damage.”

“The kidnappers are using the children to somehow blackmail the government. And we all know that a blackmailer won’t stop his trade easily, he will come and come until his mouth his somehow shut permanently. Paying ransom can never be the solution to the problem.”

“When such a thing happens, we don’t feel happy and we are always anxious for our children to be released. Parents would no doubt mount pressure on the government and others to secure the release of their children no matter how.”

“Be that as it may, paying ransom would not put an end to the criminal act. It is the government that must be decisive in handling the matter. Everybody, including parents, must also support efforts to secure our schools. Deploy military in schools. Enough of turning our children into objects of making cheap money by kidnappers.”

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