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My friend got me flowers and gifts on my birthday – -Acid attack victim Naomi Oni opens up

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On her Friend Mary Konye

‘I believe, from what I hear, that she’s always had a jealousy, a type of hatred, which I didn’t realise. She would be very on and off with me. She’d treat me like a puppy, pick up and drop me.One minute she’s not friends, one minute she’s friends and as we got older I feel like it just spiralled.’
I told the police on January 6 – a few days after the incident – when they asked me if anyone has ever threatened to do such a thing before.And I thought about it and said someone has. I said a friend of mine back in 2011 after an argument she told me that she was so angry at the time that she wanted to throw acid at me.’

On her Friend’s reaction
Recalling how her ‘friend’ acted throughout her ordeal, Miss Oni said: ‘The morning of the day it happened.

‘I remember that she messaged me and I spoke to her in the evening and told her what happened.

‘She seemed shocked and told me she wanted to come and see me in hospital.’
She added: ‘When I first had some surgery, I remember crying on the phone to her asking “who would do this to me, who hates me? I would never wish this on my worst enemy”.She told me not to worry, that I’d be okay and she even attended my surprise birthday party and got me flowers and a gift card.
‘She sat beside me and cried and everything. How do I feel about her now? I think she’s a sad person.
‘I think I will always be the person I was and no one can stop me from that.
‘And like I said before I even knew it was her, whatever the person tried to do, they failed, and I stand by it. She failed and will continue to be an amazing person.’

31 year old Nigerian Naomi Oni who was disfigured during an acid attack by friend Mary Konye(who has been found guilty and awaits her sentence) finally opened up on what it felt like hearing the police say she intentionally poured acid on herself so she could undergo plastic surgery
Speaking on This Morning today she said:

‘I was told there was no way of finding who this person was and after being questioned by the police and realising they were looking at me, trying to say that I done it to myself, I thought this is not going to happen.
Knowing that someone had burnt your face, literally burnt you alive, that is horrific and to look at yourself in the papers and see something else.
‘Then to be told that you’ve done this to yourself – I had no clue what was going to happen to me.That should not have happened to me and I should not have been accused.
‘It was horrific. I was in hospital getting my eyelids repaired when I heard what had happened.’
‘I felt like I was left alone.I felt like authorities and support teams that I should have been getting didn’t want to help in terms of my housing and I felt like someone has randomly attacked me, destroyed my life, taken my face, and now my whole life was being taken away from me. I don’t feel like a normal young girl.I felt like “this has happened to you, deal with it” – it does make you feel suicidal.’


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