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God created women to be Sexy – Meagan Good on her provocative outfits

Meagan Good

Her husband is Seventh Day Adventist pastor, Devon Franklin. In the new issue of Rolling Out magazine, she talks about not conforming to conservative standards.

I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with being sexy.God created our bodies as women. He created us to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be powerful, to be fearless to be amazing. I do respect and understand the fact that when you come into the sanctuary, you need to be dressed appropriately because you are not the star – Jesus is the star. That I agree with 100 percent.

I feel like religion can get very judgmental and a lot of people don’t approach you with love,” she says, pausing thoughtfully. I try to be conscious of the responsibility I have as a Christian, but if I did everything everyone told me to do or tried to please everyone, I couldn’t have my hair a particular way, I couldn’t wear certain clothes, I couldn’t play certain characters, I can’t hang out with certain people, can’t wear a certain amount of makeup – and you can’t let people run your life. You have to look to God. People will fall in line.

On getting nude for a movie role:

I have no problem with nudity – it just has to not be exploitative and it has to be important to tell the story, she explains. It depends on the script, the character, the story, the tone of the movie – all of those things. I commend women of every nationality that are bold enough to tell a story in a way that’s fearless. I just haven’t found a project where I felt it was necessary to do that. The scenes I’ve come across seemed exploitative and I just didn’t do it.


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Meagan Good

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