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Gov. Abdulrazaq Is Fighting Our Late Father, Not Bukola Saraki – Oyinkansola Saraki

Oyinkansola Saraki2Oyinkansola Saraki, the younger sister of ex-Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has blasted Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara State for demolishing the family’s political home in the Ilorin area of the state.

In a recent statement signed by her media aide, Ayoyemi Mojoyinola, she said she is disappointed with the decision by the government.

According to her, the governor is not battling Bukola Saraki but her late dad and it is a shame because her sister, Gbemi Saraki, supported him to be governor.

She added that he should know that he was elected to serve the people, and not to witch-hunt a particular family he has grudges with.

Her words, “I congratulated Razaq on daily newspapers and various online news platform when he was elected. I also advised him not to thread the way of former governors, but be upright in serving the people of Kwara and fulfill why he was elected.

“My sister Gbemi supported Razaq and the O’toge movement against our brother’s (Bukola Saraki) wish to make sure he emerged as the governor.”

He’s fighting our late father (Olusola Saraki, not Bukola)”.

“Is this is how he wants to pay Gbemi back?”

“Let me remind you that you were elected to serve the people of Kwara State not to witch-hunt my father or Bukola ? What exactly have you done for the people of Kwara State from May 2019 till date, I was skeptical when you said it will take years to repair Kwara.

“Don’t forget, your atrocities before you became governor are known to some people.

“A governor of a state should be someone that has the ability and the intelligence to critically analyse situations before taking any step. Your action on this matter has proven that you are far from having the skills. You lack the skills and ability to be a good leader.

“If it’s not for my brother that messed up a bit, you would not have smelt the governor seat talk-less of getting there.”

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