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Having Sex Thrice On BBNaija Is Bad For Khafi – Anjay Chioma

Anjay ChiomaAfter several reports of persistent sexual entanglement among the BBNaija housemates, a few Nigerian celebrities have had their say on it

One particular housemate, Khafi is presently in deep soup with her superiors in the London Metropolitan Police and the New Scotland Yard headquarters for participating in the reality show without being permitted to do so.

Things are even looking worse for her because she keeps having sexual intercourse with her in house beau, Gedoni, on live TV.

Reacting generally on sex in the house, Belinda Effah said, “Khafi is over 18 years of age and entitled to her decision. She is a mature woman and must have weighed the consequences of her actions. So whatever comes with it after Big Brother I am sure she can handle it . My honest thought is there is no need crying more than the bereaved. Khafi knows what she is doing and she can definitely handle whatever comes with it. Let’s just pray she makes it to the end of the show and probably win so it’s could count for a huge compensation for her decision.”

Nazo Ekezie also had this to say, “She go dey alright last last. She knows what she is doing. She is old enough to make a decision that would favour her.”

Nkeshi Blessing said, “She’s an adult, so she’s doing what he thinks is best for her. They should allow her be. You all should let her do whatsoever she deems fit for her and makes her happy.”

Anjay Chioma said, “I can see a lady who is desperate for fame and can do anything to get what she wants. Life is a choice though and that’s her choice.

Having sex on national Tv 3 good times and still counting? Haba!Is she the only one with private part here? I’m not trying to judge her because nobody holy pass but it wasn’t a good move. It’s her body, her choice. Some how I still feel for her because the guy she has been dishing out the thing to will still dump her at the end of the day. I think BBN organizers should approve use of Sex toys too since, it has finally turned reality show.”

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