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He has a very big……, girl spills details of her sexcapade with Iceprince

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Here is her mail to LIB below:

I love your blog but I must say not everyone who had once slept with a celeb is a groupie. My story is a bit emotional and I fell in love. I met Ice prince about 5 years ago. I stupidly fell so deep in love with him after few years. Let me take you right back. When we first met it was about sex and just having fun and drinking together. He never let me sleep over, he always use to make me go home very late, is either he has family coming over very early or he is busy. It didn’t bother me that much because I never had feelings for him at that point. After a while we started spending more time together we started having sex. Few mistakes I made was having sex with him unprotected.(I go for check up). I know I wasn’t the only one he was sleeping with but I guess in my head I was. He has a very big and long d*** it seriously use to freak me out. It’s so long that it doesn’t look straight. I am not gonna lie, he knows how to bang.

After a few years he got someone pregnant. I was very hurt but he denied it. One night he was in the studio while I was using his phone to listen to music. Yes I went through his phone and found out he already had a son and not only that but also he was sleeping with a Ghanaian actress. Anyway I didn’t go to his birthday because I know I will only get hurt. We lost contact and met again, had the best make-up sex and for the first time he gave me head. I have to say it was worth the wait. He went crazy on me and started letting me sleeping over. In fact he always ask me to stay.

Crazy think is, I was a virgin when I met him. I had a best friend who was also a virgin we always go buy sex toys but promise never to have sex before marriage. I never told Ice this. I guess that’s why I feel so deep for him. He loves to get his d**k sucked but I am very inexperience in it that I always felt like throwing up plus with such long ass d**k. All and all, I still love him because his amazing..

Well, this could just be a write up from a crazy fan, or could be true. We can never know


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