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Hmmmm! Stella Damasus sends Daniel Ademinokan’s mum happy mothers day message


“Mrs Lucy Ademinokan. My prayer warrior and partner. You taught me patience and endurance and helped me understand the power of the name of Jesus. Thank you for your love and kindness.” Stella posted some minutes ago!
Daniel Ademinokan also has this to say about his mum:

“Happy Mothers Day to you mummy! Your are truly the best mother anybody can every hope for. Your photograph should be right next to the word ‘mother’ in the dictionary. Through thick and thin, through fire and rain, you have stood by me with your prayers, love and words of wisdom. When I tossed my college degree aside to chase my dreams as a filmmaker, you didn’t kill me with disheartening words instead all you said was “whatever you do, make sure your spiritual life is in tune with God. That’s all that matters”. We’ll mummy, I am trying my best! Thank you for dragging me to church with and without my consent as a kid. It payed off. I love you, I cherish your love, your prayers and your support. It has not been an easy journey. I remember your tears, your sleepless nights and the perseverance to make sure your children became successful. Mum, it was all not in vain. We all love you. We love you so so so so so much. From different corners of the planet that we’re in…we celebrate you. May your days here on earth continue to be filled with smiles, laughter and joy. This is your season of dancing non-stop. If you have not learnt to dance Azonto…start learning it o! Your dancing will continue… I love you now and always. Happy Mother’s Day from your

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