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How I met and married my husband – Karen Igho reveals

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BBA winner Karen Igho, who married the love of her life this past weekend in Jos, opened to blogger, Linda Ikeji in this interview up about her long-term relationship and future plans.

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How did you meet your husband?
Karen: We met when I traveled to London back in summer 2005. We got to know each other and we clicked.

How long have you known each other?
Karen: We have known each other for 9 years. When I entered the limelight, that required me to travel and move around a lot but luckily, our relationship stood the test of time. We found that we are meant for each other.

There are rumours that you’re pregnant. Are you guys expecting a baby?
Karen: We are definitely ready to have a baby. Having a family with children is definitely part of our future plans.

What exactly are your future plans?
Karen: Now that I’m married, I think I’ll focus more on my personal life. Right now, it’s all about my family. Work-wise, I have some ideas for a few future projects, so let’s see what comes out.

What’s the biggest misconception people have of you?
Karen: They think I’m wild and crazy but really, deep down, I’m just a down to earth, god-loving, humble, caring and friendly person. As life moves forward, people grow, and my track record proves that I am not wild at all.

What’s going on about your health issues, you talked about cancer last year?
Karen: Thank God everything is fine, I am well and I am grateful for all the well wishes and prayers.

One question for Karen’s husband, Yaroslav Rakos
Tell us something about Karen, why you chose her?
Yaro: Karen is a person that can surprise you a lot. I still can’t put my finger on it, which is part of the mystery in the relationship, but I think it’s exactly what that made her successful in Big Brother and beyond.

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