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How I paid for my car in the US – HarrySongz


Harry Song is counting his blessings in Billions.

The musician claims the hit bought him a lot of things.

He told encomium

Beta Pikin is a blessing. Beta Pikin took like six months ‎to blow, we did a lot of push and work, so I think that’s why it’s staying this long and it’s working for me. I’m enjoying it. Beta Pikin is a billion naira stuff. If I was to put together the estimate, I cannot even count, because it’s bought me different properties, it’s bought me house, cars and so many other things.

On how he acquired a brand new SUV

Correct! I went to America. I went to Boston, I went for shopping for just sneakers and belts and I saw the car at the mall and they approached me and it’s a beautiful car and I paid for the car.


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