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I am the reason artistes are getting paid.. – Eedris Abdulkareem


I am the reason everybody is getting paid today. I am the reason everybody is doing great videos.

If I didn’t fight then, everybody would have been treated like dirt. I am an Olympic torch bearer. I have made my point. We got to move on with life. That is what makes me different.. My vacancy is still there. Nobody is singing my kind of songs. They are scared. They cannot wear my shoe because it is painful.

I will always be relevant whether anybody likes it or not. If what happened to me when former President Obasanjo fought me because of my song, Nigeria Jagajaga, and the 50 Cent wahala, had happened to another musician, people would have forgotten about that person a long time ago. But I am here and I will always be here. It was God that put me there.

Eedris told NaijaVibe..

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