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I Did Not Leak Any Chat To Bring Alex Down – BBNaija’s Ifu

Ifu EnadaEx BBNaija reality stars, Ifu Enada and Alex recently saw their chats leaked, and in it, Ifu insulted Ghollywood actress, Yvonne Nelson.

The chat showed Alex asking Ifu for advice after Yvonne Nelson warned her to not work with a particular stylist.

Replying, Ifu advised Alex to not listen to Yvonne and then shared some derogatory things about the movie star.

After the leak, people alleged that Ifu was behind it and she did it to bring Alex down. However, Ifu denied this and has now apologized to Alex.

Her words, “I’m sure some of you have heard news about how I allegedly leaked a chat to intentionally bring Alex down. Without any sort of confirmation, a lot of people have called me unprintable names and some bloggers have fed off the matter and written so many lies about me.

“To everyone affected I’d like to say I’m sorry for everything. God knows I love Alex so much and would never do anything to hurt her. I’ve inherited so many enemies because of my love for Alex, even my business has come under numerous attacks, but still my loyalty to Alex never faded. Why will I now do something to hurt someone I love like a younger sister?

“I was angry and wasn’t thinking straight and was careless with my chat and someone I trusted leaked them. I forgot I’m in an industry where people feast off anyone or anything just to get attention. Once again I apologise to all parties involved.

“And to the blogger writing more lies about me, pls publish whatever gossip you claim I sent you concerning people. It’ll be refreshing to read all your lies/accusations and save them as evidence while I look for ways to track you down and thoroughly deal with you. Nobody ever makes it up and stays there by destroying other people’s name.

“Once again, I take responsibility for everything that has happened and I apologise to everyone. I am Ifu Ennada, I make mistakes, but I’m not a bad person. Pls forgive me.”

On Twitter, she wrote, “I know alot of you are mad at me because you believe I leaked my chats with Alex, but ask yourself this question- Why will Ifu leak a chat where she -Ifu was the one talking bad about someone?

“My choice of words on Instagram today might not have been the best but I decided to clear the air just so you can hear my own side of the story. This is really heartbreaking for me especially because people love to believe bad news without asking questions…but if I’ve been there for someone through everything, why will I ruin it all now?”

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