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I Had Skin Conditions And Crooked Teeth As A Schoolgirl – Beverly Naya

Beverly Naya

Beverly Naya

Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya has come out to share how she was bullied as a child for not fitting the beauty standards.

She recently had her say while speaking to the press, and fans have been reacting.

According to her, bullying greatly affected her as a schoolgirl because she was not beautiful as a child due to some skin conditions and her crooked teeth.

Naya added that her look caused her peers to mock her, and she constantly got trolled for being an ugly duckling.

Her words, “In my formative years, I was always getting bullied for one thing or the other.
No no matter what school I was in, I always felt like there was always going to be something that I was going to get attacked for.
So, when I was younger, I was an ugly duckling. I wasn’t cute. I don’t care what my mom says.
I was not a cute kid. I had crooked teeth and eczema. I just didn’t look good as far as I was concerned. And as far as people around me were concerned.
I used to get called ‘snakeskin, buck teeth, light bulb head, football legs’. Just different kinds of stuff and then I just blossomed. My skin cleared, I got braces, and I just kind of blossomed.
And I started to kind of feel beautiful for the first time in my life around 16. I think I probably was owning it a bit too much for some people in my school. I got bullied for that and it really broke me.
I was like ‘look, I can’t win’. When I was younger, I was getting bullied for being ugly and unattractive.
And now I finally feel like I’m beautiful and I’m trying to own it, that’s now the problem. I’m now getting bullied for that. So, I got ganged up on and ended up with a black eye, and a chipped tooth, on the same day.”


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