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I have 125 sunglasses and 200 pair of shoes – Jim Iyke

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Speaking with Punch he said:

I have about 125 pairs of sunglasses. I think I own about 200 pairs of shoes and sneakers and it is not something to brag about. I like shoes and I collect them. I get shoes that are much branded and are limited edition. For, me it is not just about making a fashion statement anymore, it is art

On outfits
I am not brand crazy. The designer labels cost a lot of money but there is a healthy competition; which is why I find the fashion market very interesting. have been to factories that make goods for Gucci. These are people working on a smaller scale and these are the ones I hire to make my clothes and they give me what I want. However, I always buy what I know I would look good in.

On why he rarely acts Nollywood Movies
When you arrive at the pinnacle of a career pursuit where else do you go? I surmounted that apex long in my prime. I was the guy that made 38 films in a year! I had created the work-machine image and inevitably also made myself socially redundant. I couldn’t glean at the moment of my decision till late what else that world had for me. It was a vicious circle of constant, monotonous engagement.

Nothing was challenging anymore. It (Nollywood) was too easy, too perpetual, having travelled same circles and faced same obstacles. I also earned same bracket, produced and invested in the same suffocating projects. The secret of the constantly progressive individual is the ability to discern when to shift focus and reinvent even if it’s temporarily. I took all I had, the vast contacts I had gathered, and moved into the world of business and facilitation

On Nadia, He says
She (Nadia) is a solid, down-to-earth woman. I’m a man that translates variables in ways many people find incomprehensible. We have embraced who we are and learnt to create our own world and expectations. We have ups and downs like every other couple.

We have our strength and weakness as well. At the end of the day, rumours of break ups and make-ups ought to abound. It really doesn’t matter. A relationship is a continuous work. Those that give up were perhaps not committed enough. Those that go in for the long haul suck up and square up to the variables life throws at them. The people that judge harshly are obviously the ones that live far from their desired lives. We just live the best way we know how and leave the rest to the author and finisher of all things.

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