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I Have A Life Outside Of Dani Alves’ R*pe Case – Ex-Wife

Dani Alves

Dani Alves

Jailed footballer, Dani Alves’ model wife, Joana Sanz has come out to say that she would love to have her hair pulled while having s*x against a wall.

This is coming just over a week after the footballer was convicted of r*pe, and fans have been reacting.

Her words, “Right now I would love to have my hair pulled and be ‘f**ked’ against a wall. It would renew my energy.”

Sanz was immediately accused of lack of judgement after taking to social media to say the rough treatment would give her an energy boost.

She responded, “It seems incredible to me that I have to be justifying everything I say or do.

People take everything out of context and then the same few as always go and repeat it.

I can’t believe what’s being said.

The threads I publish are spontaneous things that arise from thoughts.

Stop linking things to the court case or Dani or anything else. They’re things relating to my life. I have a life as well parallel to all that.

Yes, people, let’s not act puritanical now. It fascinates me. I am fascinated by that passion, that fieriness when they grab your hair, kiss you, and eat you whole.

And that’s fine, too. I’m talking about me personally, about what I like and, well, each person in their privacy and with mutual respect, let them do what they like.

And what bothers me most is that people are taking this out of context and associating it with a judicial issue that has nothing at all to do with this.”


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