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I have been placed on diet – Ice Prince

Panshak Zamani a.k.a Ice Prince  is one of the artistes that have been making remarkable impact in the entertainment industry. The 2009 winner of Hennessy Artistry Competition and a hip-hop artiste is our guest in this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk. In this interview, he speaks on his healthy living and why he is presently placed on diet. Enjoy

When it comes to food,what can you say?

Food is like a friend because it gives satisfaction.

How did you handle your eating habit as a child?
No food appealed to me as a child. But, my parents tried their best to force me to eat.

As an adult, what has changed in terms of food

Something has changed and that is the call of nature. I just considered that I picked up interest in food and that was how the story changed. At a point, I started eating but in moderation. The truth is that as an artiste, I have been placed on diet and so, I try as much as possible to eat well and eat right.

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What kind of fruits and drinks do you take

I do not select fruits. I take all kinds of fruits and drinks. I eat fruits including pineapple, banana, apples, pawpaw, and mango. I don’t have a favourite.

What kind of exercise do you indulge  in?

I still make up time to exercise because it keeps me fit. I go on the gym, play football and basketball. I also do tredmill and swimming.

What is your opinion on healthy living

Healthy living is eating well and eating right. I eat greens and vegetables as well as fruits because it keeps me  healthy and lively.

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