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I Know What You Did | Episode 8

I Know What You Did

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The police stumbled into David’s apartment, they searched for any evidence they could lay their hands on. There was nothing, the room was filled with gadgets. They went to his office nobody knew of his whereabout even though his number was still reachable which would be impossible if nobody was using the cell.

Yes he ran away, where could he have gone to? Everybody concluded. His name and pictures were on tv, newspaper and the internet. Although, David had no idea what was going on only Dr Wale knew him as a wanted man because he had his I.D card. He thought it was just a coincidence when he first saw the news but as time passed he studied David’s face and body as his condition got better, he became sure. Dr Wale became confused he had no idea what to do he was dealing with a suspected murderer but yet a feeling he couldn’t stop told him to be with David.
“He watched her from across the room, she smiled and talked like she knew someone was watching”, he smiled,
“she’s a star” he said to himself. He had nothing, how would he approach such a girl. But he isn’t the guy to give up, he thought of moving closer but he felt it would be better he stayed back till they were leaving, thank God she was the last because she paid the bills. He was able to stop her from behind. He introduced himself not that it mattered though he just wanted to prove to himself he wasn’t a weak one and to his surprise she was a simple and nice person.”

Dr Wale watched him as he narrated his story. He had just told him how he met Mercy and how they started dating. The young Doctor took a decision to help David he risked everything by taking him to his house. It was hard getting David to talk though but finally they were getting somewhere.
“We started dating and I got to realize Mercy wasn’t an easy lady to date she’s got too many admirers and I was jealous of that. Although, she was faithful to me but at a point she met a man that was hard to resist. I don’t know if he threatened her or if he got into her head but I knew she was seeing him. So I got some boys to threaten the guy that is still the biggest mistake of my life. I only asked them to threaten him but I got more than I asked for. I got Mercy’s lifeless body and a note few hours after she left me and ever since then its being one trouble to another.”
After listening to David narrate his story he brought out his phone and showed him. David punched in his password, went through his missed calls and text messages. He was scared to death when he saw several missed calls and text messages from Juliet. David looked like he was about to go into a coma just by looking at his phone, Dr Wale wanted to ask why the look but instead he showed him the newspaper. David’s phone started ringing again it was an incoming call from Juliet..

Dr Wale urged him to pick the call, an unfamiliar voice could be heard repeating “Yes, Juliet is dead but Juliet will find you and Juliet will kill you”..


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