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I Know What You Did | Episode 2

I Know What You Did

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“Oh my gosh, I’ve missed you so much. You have no idea how much I’ve been dying to see you again my love.”
He told her, while playing with her hair. “The scent of your perfume, your long hair, beautiful smile, warmth of your body and this your commanding voice. In fact I need to spank you for that, for making me miss that too”. He gave her a soft tap on the buttocks and they both chuckled.
“Wait, did I mention how much I missed this too?”
He lowered his head and reached for her lips. He was going to stop at that but the softness of her lips gave him an urge to kiss more. The deeper they kissed the harder it became to stop. He raised his lips away from hers, high enough to take a quick glance at her body then back to her lips.
“Every kiss feels like our first time I pray another man won’t find out how good this feels.”

Before she could say anything he returned his lips back to where they were. He moved his right hand slowly, stroking her arms and long fingers. He locked his fingers with hers then pressed her left hand to the bed. He traced his lips to her ears, using his tongue to lick her earlobes, she let out a soft moan that sent a sensation, like blood rush through his body. He released her hand only to put his hand under her top, to feel her skin underneath his seeking fingers. Wow he missed that too, the softness of her skin, he missed everything about her. He moved his hand higher then stopped when he found her breast. She was putting on a bra as expected but that didn’t stop anything, his hand went under the laced material and cupped her breast. He smiled when he felt her already erected n*pples. She drew closer to him letting him know how much she enjoyed every second.

By now they were both half naked, they had nothing covering their upper bodies. She let him play with her n*pples while she ran her fingers across his chest. He kissed her hungrily this time giving hints he could no longer wait to go down south. He fondled with the buttons on her Jean trousers, they were three buttons and he was just done with the second one when her voice came.
It sounded more like a whisper, she paused then cleared her throat.
“I need to use the shower.”
“What? Now? Are you kidding me?”
He moved her hand down so she could feel his erection through his pants. She smiled and said
“We can start all over and better.”
“No” he protested.
“Okay you know what it won’t take long I’ll be fast in few minutes we’ll be done.” She shook her head in disapproval.
“Okay few seconds kill me if I don’t stop after some seconds.”
She laughed and stood up from the bed.
“I know you David after forty minutes you’ll still be pumping away.” He forced a little smile “I’ll use that as a compliment just hurry up and don’t kill my vibe.”
He heard the sound of water from the bathroom as she turned on the shower. He hissed, pulled the duvet over his head,dropped it back to his waist and shut his eyes.

David was almost sleeping when he felt drops of liquid on his chest. He smiled,
“Is that how to tell me you are done? You naughty girl.”
He opened his eyes looked down on his chest but what he saw was totally different from what he expected. He was expecting to see a transparent liquid, what he saw was thicker and reddish in colour. He touched it with his index finger, brought it closer to his eyes to confirm he saw what he saw. It was truly blood, he looked up to the roof, it was blood free and totally white like they used to be. He looked around, nothing, also there was no one. Just then he realised there was no sound coming from the bathroom again. He ran into the bathroom to check on her but she wasn’t there, he checked the toilet and the kitchen too she wasn’t there. He started sweating like a madman that has been running for several minutes. He didn’t understand what was going on.
“This is a joke maybe she is in the sitting room.” He quickly went into the sitting room but she wasn’t there too.

“Stop joking with me Sweet, I’ve had enough and this is no longer funny. Just come out and let’s conclude this interesting game.” He tried joking as he walked back into his room with hope that she’d be in bed lying naked waiting for him. What he saw on his bed was more than he bargained for. There were more blood drops on the bed now, as if that wasn’t enough to scare him out of his own skin. He saw nothing, he saw no one, all he saw was an invisible hand he guessed, writing something with blood on the bed sheet. He was too scared to move, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets, his mouth was wide open that a football could be thrown in there. ‘This can’t be real, David please wake up!!!’ He screamed in his head. Now the invisible hand was no longer writing, he decided to take a closer look at what was written. The words were written clearly enough. They read, ‘David you have to tell them what you know, you have to tell them everything.’

Where would he go? Who would he call? What would he tell them? Were the questions that continued coming to his head. He was too confused, he sat down on the floor with his face buried in his palms. He sat in that position for over thirty minutes, till he started feeling pains in his back, so he decided to rest on the wall to ease himself. His attention was drawn to his window, at first he thought he wasn’t seeing well. There stood that familiar female figure, as usual with her back turned to him but this time she wasn’t just standing, blood was dripping from her hands to the ground. He couldn’t help himself from screaming, he screamed ‘Nooooooo’ on top of his voice, till he finally woke up and realised he was only dreaming.

What a relief that it was nothing but a dream, his body was soaked in sweat, at first he wasn’t conscious of where he was, after some seconds he became conscious of his surroundings, he was in his room and the whole room was dark meaning the power went out. He tried getting out of bed to turn on the generator only to see two eyes as that of a wolf staring at him in the dark. No face, no body, just the shining eyes. He wasn’t dreaming anymore he wished somebody was there to tell him, ‘These eyes are not real they are just illusions.’ But there was no one to console him. He closed his eyes hoping they disappear but when he opened them, to his surprise they only got closer to him..

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  1. I know what u did . Miaaaaaneee ,nice story even tho it scared d fuck outa me lool. Waiting next episode . Tumbs up Ladivaclasick

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