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I Know What You Did | Episode 1

I Know What You Did

He woke up sweating and panting, he got up from bed and looked in the mirror he looked terrible like a shadow of himself. His eyes looked bigger, his neck longer, his skin paler, he had more wrinkles on his face and he couldn’t even fake a smile. A look at his bed could tell he had a rough night, he didn’t sleep well because he had one of those terrible nightmares again. This isn’t the first time he’s had a nightmare. For the past two months sleeping has been his biggest phobia he avoids sleeping in the afternoon, if only nature could be cheated on, he would never close his eyes for a second or go to sleep in the night. He checked his time to his surprise he barely slept for two hours.

It was a saturday morning and he had plans for that day. For as long as he could remember he’s been a shadow of what and who he used to be. The upbeat personality he once had was nowhere to be found, he felt empty and totally lost. Today he will start the quest of filling himself up, finding himself again and he will start by visiting a friend. “I can’t stay back home today” he told himself, “I have to see Collins we talked about this last night”. Last night was a very long night, in fact all his nights for as far as he could recall have been very long. Last night he refused to go to bed, engaged himself in different unnecessary activities until he finally dozed off.

As he turned on the shower, the cold water touched his body he felt better than he did few seconds ago even though his mind was at its worst state, he remembered the nightmare he had. ‘He was in the kitchen cooking something to eat. He just boiled some rice, he turned on the microwave to warm the stew, as he stirred , the stew suddenly turned into blood the look on his face showed he was very shocked. He dropped the spoon to the ground spilling some of the stew. He tried taking a closer look at the stew on the floor then a tiny, sweet, familiar, voice came from behind him’. “David you have to tell them what you know, you have to tell them everything”.

The sound from his phone in the bedroom brought him back to the present world, he rushed out of the bathroom and it was Collins on the line. “Hello guy what’s up? Are you still coming around? Or you done forget me follow babe commot today”, Collins joked on the other end. David still terrified answered dryly, “Guy I dey show very soon”. “Okay I’m expecting you”. Collins replied and ended the call.
Collins and David are childhood friends, people no longer saw them as friends they called them brothers. They both attended same primary and secondary school. While Collins gained admission into Yabatech to read Computer Engineering, David gained admission into Unilag to read same course. That gave them the opportunity to still hangout together. They were always together except during youth service when they were posted to different states.

While David dressed up he tried not to remember the past and anything associated with his nightmares. He played songs on his phone and sang along to stop himself from thinking. He thought of cooking breakfast but he was so scared of even looking into the kitchen. Fear of warming his stew, fear of seeing blood instead, fear of hearing that sweet, familiar voice and sentence in the real world.

He was ready now fully dressed, he looked in the mirror and he wondered if others would see the worries he tried to hide on his face. A Second look in the mirror he almost changed his mind. “Maybe I should just stay at home and prevent myself from being seen like this”. He thought aloud. Just then he heard a quiet noise from his kitchen and nothing else could keep him in that house for five more seconds. He hates his own kitchen now, his own kitchen is now a no go area. “I’ll just eat in Collins’ house”. He said.

He took his keys, looked at his unmade bed and quickly locked the door behind him. As he hopes his day with Collins will help him feel better, make him not want to do what he thinks he is going to do. He is just going to spend the day the way he used to. Without a second thought he drove his car through the road that leads to his friend’s house. His best friend he’s been ignoring for months. “There are many queries to be answered today, a lot of them and God help me I hate to lie to my friend”…

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