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I may lose my virginity soon – Adokiye Kyrian


Nigerian singer, actress and Self professed Virgin Adokiye has revealed she may lose it soon. If you recall, last year,she offered her virginity �to Boko Haram in exchange for the Chibok girls..In a new chat with Vanguard, she said
�I will let that go soon (meaning her virginity)” what’s the point of having all the endowment and not enjoying life as a woman. Plus, people are beginning to call me names, like mumu and all. I have been thinking lately, you know, though my mind is not made up yet”.
On if she misses intimate contact, she said

�Yes, I guess I’m human �Don’t get it twisted. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing but each time I want to make that move, I get scared because I know once it’s gone, it’s gone”.
On if she has �found a guy she doesn’t want to lose because of sex. She replied
�They always push” . �Push, push and push. Don’t you know men? Aren’t you a man?” �Man, I’m so scared �But why not? I came with it I may leave with it”.
I told her that would be an awful thing to do, afterall God gave it to us to enjoy. She cut me short and replied,�

�But God didn’t make it compulsory for me to share it with someone. Don’t forget about the Reverend Sisters. You know I’m a staunch Catholic. I was almost going to be one anyways during high school days. I grew up around Reverend Sisters and at some point I told my mum I wanted to become one”

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