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I regret exposing Sinzu’s theft – Godwon

Godwon winner of Eminem’s freestyle battle in Houston, Texas

Last month US returnee and rapper, Godwon opened up a can of worms when he posted a tweet about Sinzu wanted for stealing 300 dollars in the USA..

He tweeted..
“At your age, you can’t make peace but have time to be thief and make the news.. I have been shady but I haven’t been posting pix of two new Mercedes when I need 300 bucks so bad I had to steal.”

Unknown to him his own candy theft case would be exposed. Now he told Punch he never meant to.. He also acknowledged he was arrested for Candy theft but never convicted

“Somebody tweeted to me about Sinzu’s case in the US and I only retweeted it. I called him but he didn’t want to talk to me. I believe it was somebody close to him that sent that tweet to me. He doesn’t realise that people in the US are your friends but once you outshine them, they burn your cable. People don’t want to think reasonably. How could it be me? I am in Abuja; do I have surveillance in the US? The cat was already out of the bag. The US officials were already after him. I feel bad for him. If I had known, I wouldn’t have retweeted it. By the time I realised it, it was too late. I had known all along about his case. I even felt for him to be involved in such crime, he needed money. But I suggested clean money to him, he wouldn’t want it. At the moment, some blogs don’t post my music, some radio people don’t want to talk to me. It is only God that has been helping me”

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