I Want To Make My Mark In The English National Team – Callum Wilson

Callum WilsonCallum Wilson has come out to state that he is ready to fight for the spot as England’s first-choice forward ahead of a Euro 2020 qualifier against Czech Republic.

Wilson has Harry Kane as a tough competition for the coveted position in the team but Callum has said he is not looking to kick the Spurs striker out of the team, but to make his mark however he can.

He called Kane a great footballer and a player that is always going to play.

His words, “Harry is a great player, I’m not saying I want to kick him out of the team but with injuries and things that happen along the way, you have to be ready to grasp the opportunity – whether it is one minute, 20 minutes or from the opening whistle,”

“It’s not just thinking: ‘Harry is going to play.’

“I like to think I can make an impact. In Cup games, I tend to come on for Bournemouth as a sub and you get quite a few goals from that. Defences get a bit tired, you run in behind and that’s the last thing they want to be up against. It has its pros and cons.

“No professional footballer will say they want to be on the bench. I keep working hard at club level to try to eventually get a starting place.”

“You watch how clinical Harry is in training, in the finishing sessions and there is no laughing and joking, just pure concentration,”

“Sometimes in club football – and I’ve been guilty of this myself – you’ll be doing a finishing session but having a bit of banter with the lads; having competition, laughing and joking at people missing but in a game, that is not what happens.

“You have to be focused. Harry is in that frame of mind and I have taken that into my own training at Bournemouth. When I’m working on my finishing there is no need to be laughing and joking. You can have banter in the changing room.”

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