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I was molested quite a number of times growing up – Niyola

Niyola 2013 NaijaVibe

In an interview on SoundcityCityDivas show with Pearl, EME’s first lady, Niyola, revealed she was molested, like many women, while growing up.

I have been molested quite a number of times. Thankfully, I haven’t been raped. I have been molested by both people I never imagined would molest me.. and obviously strangers as well. And it wasn’t once, it wasn’t twice. It wasn’t three times. But what helped me was that I started to try to figure out at that time why anybody would want to do that to me or to any female. I realised it was cowardice. Alot of things could be done to prevent the situations and protect yourself. I remember for a very long time, I would never visit guys. And when I started to live alone when I was in school, you would never come to my room for any reason. For a very long time I was paranoid. But I realised that if you share your experience with people, your fellow women, you’ll find that it’s not that big a deal that you can’t come out & talk about it because it’s not your fault that someone tried to molest you. Such people should actually be punished and brought to book.

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