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‘I was scammed’ – Brazilian woman who sold virginity for $780,000



Remember the Brazilian woman who made headlines last October for auctioning off her virginity? Well, Catarina Migliorini now claims she was scammed by the documentary maker who set up the entire affair. And she questions whether the Japanese man “Natsu” who reportedly paid $780,000 for her virginity really exists, as she has not seen a penny.

Organized by Australian documentary maker Justin Sisely, the plan was to have Natsu and Migliorini Be Intimate in a plane midair between Australia and the U.S. in a bid to avoid prostitution laws. The filmmaker planned to film the couple before and after the deed for a documentary called “Virgins Wanted”.

The incentive for Migliorini was the money and fame, and the incentive for the Sisely was to sell his documentary like hotcakes.

“I was misled by Mr. Justin Sisely,” Migliorini tells Huffington Post. “I believe he is trying to defraud me and others.”

She claims that when she went to meet the 53-year-old Japanese millionaire, Natsu, in a Sydney, Australia restaurant, he didn’t match the description Sisely gave her. Nor did they ever Be Intimate.

Migliorini says Sisely was delusional in thinking he could pay for a plane for the couple to Be Intimate because he didn’t even have enough money for a car during her two months stay in Sydney, reports Huffington Post.

She also charges that Sisely didn’t cover her travel expenses nor give her the money promised — specifically, 20 per cent of documentary sales and the full $780,000 auction bid.

Sisely denies her accusations and says, “We have the footage to prove otherwise,” in reference to her Being Intimate. He also says she is responsible for two breaches in contract.

The documentary will debut in October at MIPCOM, an entertainment trade fair in Cannes, France.

What are your thoughts on this bizarre set of events? Who are you more inclined to believe?

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