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I will not reconcile with Stella Damasus’ husband, now my ex-husband – Actress Doris Simeon

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Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon, who separated from her husband, Daniel Ademinokan, in 2010 and got divorced soon after, has disclosed they’re never getting back together again.

Doris who got dumped by Daniel for another Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus,

also confirmed she’s in a relationship which she’s not making public anytime soon. Here are
excerpts from her interview with The Sun;

What do you have in store for 2017?

I have a movie that I am still working on. We are at the post production stage for now. However, I don’t have a specific title for it but pretty soon, work will commence on that.

I must say you look very good, you have a glowing skin…
(Laughter) Thank you. Well, I will say I am just lucky and I am grateful to God because I hear that from a lot of people. I am also grateful to my parents for taking good care of me. I would say I just try to follow all they taught me in order that I may look after myself.

Talking about your relationship‎, it has been a while you have been separated from your ex, Daniel Ademinokan, are you not thinking of giving marriage a second chance?
Like I used to say, it is not the end for me concerning marriage. If God says it is time, fine. if not, all well and good. I am satisfied and not in a hurry. God has the final say. I am not rushing at all, maybe, because I have tasted it before.

Now that you have put God in charge, if your ex comes back‎ for reconciliation, will you accept?
No, I can’t reconcile with him anymore.

Why, not even for your child’s sake?
No, he is growing and living his life and I have my life to live as well.

Do you miss him?

Your ex…

Are you sure?
Yes, I am sure. I don’t miss him at all.

Be sincere…
I don’t.

But you miss your baby?
Yes of course, he is the love of my life, I miss him so much.

How often do you see him?
Well, on that I will not comment.

Do you call him?
No comment.

Are you seeing someone at the moment?
I am in a relationship but I have decided to make my relationship mine and not for the public. My business with the public is my career.

Do you see marriage as a barrier to your career?
No, I don’t see it as a barrier, I am indifferent when it comes to marriage.

Was there any time you read a scandalous story about yourself ‎and felt like dropping acting?
A lot! But like I have said before, I have developed a thick skin. I prepare my mind for anything. What is the worst thing that somebody will do to me that would want me to go and commit suicide? Nothing is new on this earth, so I don’t see any negative talk that can pull me down.

During the crisis between you and your ex, how were you able to cope with your colleagues and family members?
A lot of stories were flying around and it was so difficult to figure out the truth. It wasn’t easy when it happened. I should say that could have been the worst thing that happened to one. I felt bad. That period was a very painful period for me. It was indeed not a good one at all. I just had to think ahead rather than dwell on my past because that kills faster. And I say it a lot, you don’t have to dwell on your past, on your mistakes or pains. Instead, think ahead, of what the next step is supposed to be. That was what I did and I moved on.

What is your advice for those presently going through what you went through?
Cry, shed the tears, cry very well in your closet and pray very well at the same time and then forge ahead; don’t dwell on your past. That is why I said cry it out so it won’t kill you but focus on your future. If you stay with your past I am sorry-o, you will just kill yourself


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