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Ice Prince Rekindles Love Affair With Yvonne Nelson After Starring In Her Movie

Ice Prince and Yvonne

I heard that Ice Prince is now dating his ex-girlfriend Yvonne Nelson. Yes, Yvonne the Ghollywood actress. Well it seems Ice prince and Yvonne Nelson were once lovers and when they broke up he switched to Yvonne Nwosu one of the Nigerian fashion designers, Yvonne Nwosu tweeted yesterday that she is now single, incase you missed that Read Here and Yvonne Nelson switched to Iyanya.

And now it seems Ice Prince and Yvonne Nelson are back together, no wonder Yvonne Nwosu tweeted that she’s single yesterday.

They rekindled their love while shooting Yvonne Nelson’s movie. It seems Ice Prince has a thing for the name Yvonne. So girls you now know one criteria to catch his attention. lol

Ice Prince & Yvonne Nelson

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