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It Is Abnormal To Host The Grammy Awards More Than Once – Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

South African comedian and TV show host, Trevor Noah has been named the host of the 2023 Grammy Awards.

This will be the third time he is hosting the music’s biggest award, as ge previously hosted the 2021 Grammys and the 2022 Grammys.

According to him, he doesn’t think it is normal to host such a huge award show once, so he has no great frame of reference for it.

Trevor added that it feels absolutely thrilling for him as he is a fan of almost everyone associated with the award show.

His words, “I don’t think it’s normal to host it once, so I don’t have a great frame of reference for this.”

“It is thrilling. For me, it’s a cheat code because I’m a fan of almost all the people who are there.”

“Some of us work on the Grammys together, some of us work on other shows that I’m producing.”

“It’s almost like that moment in soccer. As a soccer player, you’ll play for your club and then you’ll play for the national team and there was always a moment where a player would retire from the national team.”

“They’d say, “I’m no longer going to play at the international level, but I’ll still play for my club.”

“And it’s always sad because they won’t be on the national team, but they’re still playing and they’re still playing with many of the players they know.”

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