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Iyabo Obo And The Rest Have Ganged Up Against Baba Ijesha – Deji Aderemi

Baba Ijesha

Baba Ijesha

Nollywood actor, Deji Aderemi has come out to dismiss claims that his colleague, Baba Ijesha defiled the foster daughter of comedienne, Princess.

He recently had his say via his social media page, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, some people simply ganged up against Baba Ijesha to send him to prison, and that it will never be well with them.

He added that s*xual intercourse between professionals in the movie industry is very normal, and even Iyabo Ojo has once engaged in it.

His words, ”I came to court because they said somebody slept with someone. This is a normal thing in our industry. Even you reporters, would you say you do not sleep with each other? It is something that happens everyday in the industry. If this person has done something wrong, they should reprimand him rather than laying false accusations on him.”

“There is no successful female actor that would say that she has not been slept with in the industry before.”

“They now planned for him. This issue hurts so many people. I know it will never be well with them. They turned another person’s child into a prisoner. Because of what? They laid a false allegation against him.”

“I came to the proceedings today to come and learn from it to learn life lessons. These are the same people that he has eaten with before. How come they are now laying such an allegation on him.”

“Since I started acting, I have never heard of such a thing before. It isn’t like this thing doesn’t happen but I am surprised it is going to court.”

”I called Iyabo Ojo and I told her that she is a child among us. I told her that as her father I want her to forget the case. Iyabo asked me if I would like such a thing to happen to my daughter?. I tolld her that I was talking to her as her father. She hung the phone on me. Princess hasn’t been vocal. It is Iyabo we have been seeing doing different recordings.”

“How much did they collect from Iyabo that she reached this height in her career? Have they not slept with her also? We know everything. It is not a new thing in our circle.”


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