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Jesus Taught Human Beings To Rest, Learn From His Example – Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Popular man of God, Pope Francis has come out to preach about the importance of rest.

He recently revealed this after making his first Vatican appearance since having part of his colon removed.

According to him, people should learn to take a break from their busy lifestyle because it is God’s intention for us to do that from time to time.

He added that Jesus was known for showing concern with his disciples’ physical and internal energy levels while he was on earth so we should learn by example.

His words, ” ‘Come away by yourselves to a lonely place, and rest a while,’ ”

“An invitation to rest.”

“After he was hospitalized for 10 days earlier this month for intestinal surgery, the pope
says rest is not only for the physical aspect of life but also “for the heart.”

“We must return to the heart of things: to stop, to remain in silence, to pray so as not to go from the frenzy of work to the frenzy of times of relaxation.”

”Jesus did not neglect the needs of the crowd, but each day, before anything else, he would withdraw in prayer, in silence, in intimacy with the Father. His tender invitation – rest a while – should accompany us.”

“Let us put a halt to the frantic running around dictated by our agendas.”

“Let us learn how to take a break, to turn off the mobile phone.”


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