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Joe Biden Sees Nigeria As A Third Class Nation – Bolaji Akinyemi

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Bolaji Akinyemi has come out to speak about the state of Nigeria.

He recently revealed this while answering questions on the Arise Television Morning Show, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, the recent insecurity ruining the peace of the land calls for serious concern, and it is even more worrying that the world has no time to pay attention to the country’s misfortune.

He added that it is sad to see how Biden recently proved the fact that our plights are not recognized by relegating Nigeria to a third class category with his statement.

His words, “Well Nigeria has always been a lucky country and that luck is still operating in the sense that the rest of the world doesn’t have the time to focus on Nigeria’s misfortunes now since they have problems in Myanmar. They have problems with COVID-19, they have problems even in the United States and all over the world. So it is not to say that the world is not paying attention to our misfortunes and that has been ably illustrated by the fact that while Biden was calling African leaders and Kamala Harris was also calling African leaders, they relegated Nigeria to the position where it was their foreign minister calling our foreign minister. So we’ve been put in the third class category. This is very upsetting to those of us who have been in the field.”

“It might not be upsetting to other Africans because you must recall that none other person than Nelson Mandela said in an interview with a Nigerian journalist that the world will not accord blacks their rightful status in the world until Nigeria gets its act together.”

“So the rightful insult meted out to Nigeria was to all blacks and we must keep that in mind that whatever we do in this country reflects on blacks all over the world because we are the only authentic African country that has the capacity to lift blacks by their boot traps onto, if you like, a first-class status. I said the only authentic African country because I’m aware that south Africa is there, I’m aware that Rwanda is there but we are the only African power. If I can still use that word without you bursting into laughter out of respect for our audience, we are the only African power that has the capacity to lift Africa from the third world status to the first world status if I can borrow the words of from Lil Kwan Yun.”

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