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K9 tells why he left Trybe records


The former Trybes Record signee, K9 has finally parted ways with the record label.

Following an interview he had recently, K9 said all businesses (partnerships) had to part at some point or the other, and it was time he did his on his own.

He reveals how cool he still is with Eldee (his former boss), and said he even hopes to work with him soon.

K9 said he would soon be setting up his own label called ‘Young Lion Entertainment’, and we are to anticipate the release of his new single with Olamide titled ‘Lord have Mercy’.

In recent times, a lot of artistes have been breaking away from their Labels to set up on their own. Some to greater success, others to Relegation.

One can only wonder if the way the labels are handling the artistes is making them ‘run’?

Or, the Artistes are growing too impatient and greedy of the way the are being managed.

I think artistes need to read this article: 7 things you should consider before signing that deal.

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