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Karrueche Tran fires back at Rihanna over BET Awards comment

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Karrueche Tran is way too grown to have either Chris Brown or Rihanna throw her under the bus. In fact she’s determined to walk away from both stars with her dignity still in tact.

The 27-year-old model is reacting to what RiRi allegedly said about her after watching Chris’ performance at the 2015 BET Awards. Apparently, Rihanna had always thought Tran wasn’t ‘right’ for Breezey and recently told friends the model was ‘tacky’ and ‘childish’ for leaving Brown in February.

Karrueche’s response says Rihanna is just being bitter and probably wants Brown back. Should that be the case, then RiRi is free to have her ‘leftovers’

A source tells HollywoodLife: ”Karrueche doesn’t know why Rihanna is now trying to fight with�her. Maybe�she’s mad because Karrueche took Chris�from her and she was�the one who got dumped in the end. Yeah, maybe that’s it. But Karrueche’s�done scraping her plate and Rihanna’s free to have her leftovers and�the headaches that come with it.”

Of course there’s no reason for Rihanna to throw salt in Karrueche’s wound by saying she wasn’t right for Chris. That’s a bit harsh.

Media TakeOut has obtained a video that they claim to be Karrueche who’s very obviously making fun of Rihanna in this video. The website says that the video was shot while Chris and Rihanna were still together, and also when Chris was said to be cheating on Rihanna with Karrueche.
There’s bitterness in the atmosphere and we suggest Breezey gets under an umbrella…ella..ella..eh..eh..eh… before he gets drained.

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