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Kcee Says He Has Never Smoked

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According to Kcee, he has never smoked in his life.

The singer also revealed he is serious about his governorship aspiration.

See below;

Are you really serious about your ambition to become Anambra State governor?

It’s not a joke. It is a movement to serve and work for my people and offer them a valued experience that they would never forget. As a youth who believes in this country and in my state, I decided to come out.

We’ve been hearing that youths are the leaders of tomorrow for too long, and now that the age requirement for running for office has been officially reduced by the National Assembly, I’ve decided to make good use of the opportunity.

I am here to save the future.

The election is just a few months away, how do you intend to stand up against politicians who have been on the field for longer?

I know that they wouldn’t give me the chance because they’ve been doing it for a very long time. But if I have the support of the youths, we would emerge victorious.

I’m not scared; I just implore the youths to support me.

Which platform would you be running on?

I really cannot say much about that now because my campaign manager has instructed me not to say anything.

Do you have any prior experience in politics?

I’ve never been involved in politics before now. It is the hunger and drive for transformation and progress that is pushing me.

Shortly after you uploaded your campaign poster on the Internet, many entertainers also followed suit. Don’t you think that would make people not to take you serious?

Well, that is the industry for you. The attention and buzz I got when I put the poster online was massive and it was obvious that a popular youth had declared his ambition.

Most of my colleagues think it’s a joke and they’re trying to cash in on the trend. But I am actually serious.

Artistes are usually fun lovers; do you think entertainers can cope with the rigours of political leadership?

Of course; life is easy. In America, everything is working for them. When Donald Trump won the presidency, a lot of people questioned how a businessman with no prior political experience could lead the United States.

They said the wife was a stripper and made all sorts of allegations but today, they live in the White House and they are the world leaders. I don’t care what anybody says about me; what matters is who I am as an individual. That I’m a musician does not mean I’m stupid. For example, I don’t smoke and I pray a lot.

But a lot of people think all entertainers smoke and drink. Mind you, this doesn’t mean that I’m better than those who smoke, or that they are better than me; it just goes to show that you shouldn’t stereotype people.

Is it that you’ve stopped smoking, or you mean you’ve never smoked?

I have never smoked in my entire life. The only time I’ve held a cigarette was while shooting a music video. If I want to unwind, I just take a little sip here and there, and I’m good.

Why did it take you four years from the time you released your last album till now before putting out another one?

The industry doesn’t support album projects and this makes some of us to see it as a waste of time, money and energy. After my last album, I was very busy travelling round the world performing, but I’ve never slacked in releasing singles.

The songs I’ve released after my last album are enough to fill up an album. Having that long interval between my albums doesn’t mean I’m a lazy artiste but I think this would be the last time that I would wait so long before releasing an album. I may even release one next year.

What inspired the title of the album, Attention to Detail?

The idea is for people to pay attention to me as a person, beyond the music.

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