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Kennis Music does not use artistes – Kenny Ogungbe

Kenny Ogungbe

Kennis Music was and probably still is the dream label of every artiste who wants to be catapulted to super stardom.

They boast of a string of successful stars like 2face, Eedris Abdulkareem and many more. Reacting to reports the label uses and dumps artists, the CEO Kenny Ogungbe told NigerianFilms

The story that artistes on Kennis Music are just being used is not true. I see it as a beer parlour talk. There is no artiste that will allow someone use him and still remain with that person. Remember that someone spent money on an artiste when he was nobody. And so, the person that has spent his hard earned money on the artist will like to get it back later….

But the unfortunate thing is that a lot of fraudsters and unscrupulous people are coming into it. They will tell you that they want to take an artiste to the next level. They end up buying him a flashy car, like a jeep, not minding the fact that he is not talented. But within two years, you find out that both of them are nowhere to be found.

There are so many of such people in the industry and there will still be more. So, the story is a mere allegation. But if an artiste feels he’s being given peanut, he should then not sign a contract. You should rather go and look for a way to promote yourself, produce your songs, direct your video and make your life better. But I know you cannot be a boss in this industry in one day.

Rather, you have to climb through the ladder and while you’re climbing, you still have to work harder in order to achieve what you want so that you are not paid peanuts.


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