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Lamido Sanusi is very cute, I couldn’t focus while interviewing him – OAP Yvonne ‘Vixen’ Ekwere

Yvonne Vixen Ekwere

Fans & Celebs held a twitterview with the vivacious Yvonne ‘vixen’ Ekwere yesterday. She started a new project, Vixen�Red Carpet, only recently.


@fansandcelebs: First off, congrats on #VixenRedCarpet! All the well-wishes coming in, how do you feel at the moment?

@vonnevixen: Thank you so much! It feels good.

@fansandcelebs: TV host,�red carpet�diva, now entertainment businesswoman, do you always�get what you want? Lol!

@vonnevixen: Wow! Not always but I’m thankful for the God Factor, because anything I take to him in prayers works out for my good.

@fansandcelebs: Being a celebrity for over 5 years, what is that priceless lesson you’ve learnt thus far?

@vonnevixen: I’ve learned 2 keep my PRIVATE life away from the spotlight and the lesser friends I have, the saner I remain.

@fansandcelebs: You love clothes, we know (lol!) Describe your style in three words.

@vonnevixen: LOL! yes I do love clothes! My style can’t be described in 3 words but I’ll narrow it down 2 EDGY, BOLD and SEXY.

@fansandcelebs: What is the idea and vision behind #VixenRedCarpet?

@vonnevixen: It is my type of TV, taking a free spirited approach to celeb interactions. Showing you a different side 2 the stars, a more comfortable, less uptight and fun side.

@fansandcelebs: Which 3 Nigerian celebs are your favourite redcarpet divas or divos?

@vonnevixen: Nigerians try! But Omotola, Genevieve Nnaji, Mai Atafo, Lynxxx and Praiz always keep it well put together. Yeah bite me!

@fansandcelebs: Which songs are you feeling in 2013?

@vonnevixen: Some songs definitely made it through from last year and for me ‘Repete’ by Blackmagic, ‘Irawo’ by Seyi Shay, ‘Goody bag’ by D’prince, ’48’ by Endia.

@fansandcelebs: Is the sexy and lovely vixen in a relationship?

@vonnevixen: hehehe Vixen is in love with the thought of advancing in her career, no time for distractions! I’m single and NOT searching.

@fansandcelebs: Ok noted! Lol! But when you are ready, what qualities would you be looking out for in a man?

@vonnevixen: He’s got to be GOD FEARING! A man who fears God will treat everything He created with care and respect! He must have ambition and should be able to protect and provide for his woman! Plus fine boy +fine girl= Beauriful shiidrens!

@fansandcelebs: Do the harsh comments on blogs get to you?

@vonnevixen: I dont make a conscious effort to read them but when I stumble on them I laugh it off! I’m human so I may feel bad but truth is, these people don’t have access to my personal life and it pisses them off so they capitalize on the little they think they know. I admit to being very straight forward and blunt. I’m a realist! Thats just me.

@fansandcelebs: Ok, so how do you handle negativity?

@vonnevixen: I try to take�constructive criticism�and discard bashful comments. The world is a harsh place, you win sum you lose sum. And I’m no loser. I keep my chin up and forge forward still. Those who genuinely care may be few, the others don’t matter!

@fansandcelebs: In another year, what would you like #VixenRedCarpet to have achieved?

@vonnevixen: I’d like to give you�a list�of the amazing things we want to become but VRC will grow naturally, certainly BIGGER than what it is now!

@fansandcelebs: Please tell us, who’s your celeb crush in Nigeria?

@vonnevixen: LOL! He may not be a showbiz celeb but I think Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is very cute! Interviewed him once and I could barely concentrate.

@fansandcelebs: There were speculations about your complexion, are you by any chance indulging in creams and tabs for�your skin?

@vonnevixen: LMAO! Not at all! It’s in the genes, I never spotted a zit on my grandma or mum’s face and passed on to me. I love my skin!

@fansandcelebs: Whose wardrobe would you like to raid this minute?

@vonnevixen: Toyin Lawani’s! We are alike on many levels. She’s daring, sexy, edgy and knows when to be sophisticated! Kim K’s too!

@fansandcelebs: What’s your favourite accessories?

@vonnevixen: I love cuffs, wristwatches, sunglasses, statement neck pieces and goth or ethnic inspired rings.

fansandcelebs: Thanks @vonnevixen and all d best!

@vonnevixen: Thank you so much, keep up the good work! And be in touch if you need my support. Bless!

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