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Late Pele Finally Claims Secret Daughter 17 Years After Her Demise

Late football legend, Pele has reportedly named his secret daughter in his will after denying for years that she was his child.

Pele had previously refused to acknowledge he was the father of Sandra Regina, leaving her heartbroken when she died 17 years ago.

According to reports, the 82-year-old finally requested to meet with her two sons, speaking to them in the flesh for the first time on December 28, just one day before he died.

It has now emerged that he gave a share of his multi-million-pound estate to the pair, after finally naming Sandra as one of his seven children in his will.

Her son said, “I spoke to my aunts, and they said that our grandfather wanted to see us.”

“We were very excited, it was an opportunity we had been waiting for. Every family has fights and rows, ours is no different, but there are moments when union and love are more important than anything else. We are extremely happy.”


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